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Why should you consider a Rest Assured mattress?

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Rest Assured, to buy or not to buy?

South Africans actually have a pretty wide range of beds to choose from when mattress shopping. While it may not be as huge as the American market, we have every angle covered, and frankly, having a smaller range of choices actually makes choosing a mattress a lot easier, as there are a lot less options to wade through. Here’s a little bit about a South African brand that covers every kind of spring bed comprehensively, affordably, and effectively: namely, Rest Assured. Some things you might not know about Rest Assured are…

Rest Assured holds the patent for continuous coil systems in South Africa, as the first producers of continuous coil beds in the country. Their continuous coil unit is called “Infinite Coil” and is used in their Matrix mattress range. Other bed companies that use the continuous coil, like  Silentnight, have to use a hybrid system that has the coils placed slightly differently in order to keep from infringing on Rest Assured patent. Not only are Rest Assured’s infinite coil mattresses proudly South African, but they are actually of better design than international continuous coil systems in South Africa.

Rest Assured has been around for a good time, longer than you may think. Rest Assured beds have been available in South Africa since 1979, and their sister company Strandmattress/Strandfoam since 1968. Strandfoam is also used in Cloud Nine’s foam beds from the beginning, and at one stage was also Rest Assured’s primary foam source, although that is no longer the case. Knowing that these beds have been on the market for a long time puts the mind to rest about them being a small company that could fold or disappear, leaving you with a possibly faulty bed. Rest Assured has been on the market for the last 35 years, and during that time they’ve consistently grown to supply beds all over South Africa, particularly the Hotel Industry.

Rest Assured uses 100% natural latex and memory foam in their comfort layers. While many mattresses manufacturers will manipulate latex by mixing it with other chemicals or other foams to alter the firmness and texture, Rest Assured keeps it 100% natural. This makes their beds naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and very durable. Latex naturally repels bed bugs, dust mites, and bacteria from taking hold in your mattress. Rest Assured imports their latex from Asia, but everything else is manufactured here by Rest Assured, from the fabric to the coils.

Another distinctive feature about Rest Assured beds and mattresses is their affordability. Rest Assured beds are totally affordable for what they offer, especially in comparison with top of the range beds, which sell for much higher prices. These higher prices are partly due to them being imported, but Rest Assured doesn’t have to worry about import duties and other costs. They simply manufacture the beds here in South Africa, and sell them to South Africans, who love their beds! Rest Assured gives a quality product for a low price and low hassle.

One of the primary distributors of Rest Assured, The Mattress Warehouse carries every kind of bed you could need. If a spring bed like Rest Assured isn’t your thing, come over and try a Genessi foam bed. But if you do like springs, how about a Rest Assured? They have everything you need in every comfort level, from plush to medium-firm to firm, in Bonnel coil beds, continuous coil mattresses and pocket coil mattresses. We will help you get the perfect bed for your own personal preference, at factory prices, with no retailer or a middle man putting his mark up on too! Call today on 0861 007 000 or browse our website here and order online. We do free nationwide delivery too, from Cape Town to Nelspruit!


Compliment your Rest Assured Mattress with a stylish wooden or leather headboard and bed base available from The Mattress Warehouse.

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