We all have our favourite sleeping position. Whether it is on the back, the stomach or on a preferred side, we have all found that great position that has us fast asleep in no time. But have you ever wondered what position is the best? MyNewBed not only has a wide variety of beds available, we also have some interesting information to share with you…

You can start eliminating your tiredness by changing your sleeping position.
You can start eliminating your tiredness by changing your sleeping position.

Sleep is one human need that none of us can avoid. Without sleep, your body will shut down. In fact, a lack of sleep can kill you long before starvation will. There is little wonder why there are so many articles, research studies, and other sources highlighting the absolute importance of sleep. Just sleeping is sometimes not enough. Quality sleep is better than the type of sleep that has you tossing and turning all night. Those who don’t get enough sleep, or whose sleep is constantly interrupted, are more likely to suffer from a number of health concerns including hypertension, cancer, depression, and obesity.

Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together. – Thomas Dekker

Sleep not only helps to regulate a number of functions within your body, but it also has an energising property; boosting your cells, boosting your memory, aiding your learning and even cleaning your brain. And the more waste your brain is able to clear out during sleep, the clearer your mind will feel in the morning.

Science says that the best sleeping position is the one that helps your brain be cleansed from the days waste. And the best sleeping position is sleeping on your side. If you want to get really technical, then the left side is best.

What happens is that the waste from your cells, known as interstitial fluid, mixes with cerebrospinal fluid. This mixture washes out your brain, removing waste which includes the chemicals associated with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. And sleeping on your side can boost this cleanse.

According to the University of Rochester’s Maiken Nedergard, “It is interesting that the lateral (side) sleep position is already the most popular in humans and most animals, even in the wild. It appears that we have adapted the lateral sleep position to most efficiently clear our brain of the metabolic waste products that build up while we are awake.”

Even animals prefer to sleep on their sides
Even animals prefer to sleep on their sides

The benefits of sleeping on your side go a long way towards helping other issues such as snoring while pregnant women and those who have back pain can also benefit greatly from this rather common position.

Tips for sleeping on your side

The sleep experts have some handy tips for you to use when it comes to sleeping on your side:

  1. When you lie on your side, don’t curl up into the foetal position. Rather pull your knees up slightly and settle until you are comfortable.
  2. Invest in an ergonomic pillow so that your neck gets the best possible support. The pillow needs to be thick enough to hold your neck correctly.
  3. To get the most out of sleeping in this position, place a small pillow between your legs. This is going to help your spine be kept straight.

At MyNewBed we are dedicated to your sleep. And we have a number of beds available to help you get the best sleep possible. With so many options to choose from, you will be able to find the right bed for your sleep needs, regardless of your favourite sleeping position.