Spinalign Beds

Spinalign Beds

The Spinalign range of Beds have been in South Africa for many years although manufactured under different brand names. They are the ultimate luxurious bed manufacturers and they are designed to give the sleeper as much comfort and support as possible. As the name Spinalign suggests, these beds are ideal for those who need additional support for their spines. Many mattresses do not provide enough support for the spine and this can lead to back problems in the long term.

There are so many incredible features that are associated with the Spinalign Bed range that they have surpassed many bed manufacturers to become one of the leading bed manufacturers in the industry.

Most of the Spinalign Beds are fitted with luxurious knits, or Jacquard fabric, that conform to the shape of the sleeping body to give the body extra support and comfort while sleeping. Side support will help the person using the bed to get into and out of the bed easily and the side support also has the ability to increase the usable sleeping surface area of the bed. The Spinalign Beds have the added advantage of having a longer lifespan when they are rotated. Rotating the bed will increase the comfort of the mattress and allow it to continue to be highly durable.

The majority of Spinalign Beds have verti-coil open coil technology placed within the mattress which allows the bed to have up to 28% more working springs, increasing the overall comfort that the bed provides to the sleeper. With high quality insulation layers, the springs are unable to damage the mattress fabrics and foams adding to the beds long life span. The springs within a Spinalign Bed are treated to Legget and Platt technology which makes the springs longer lasting and much stronger than the spring within the average mattress.
The comfort of the bed is further increased by the active support technology, the additional comfort layers and the firm top base are also features found in most Spinalign Beds. All of the features that are added to the mattress contribute to the increased effectiveness of the mattress in it being able to support the spine in the best way possible.

Certain features that differentiates the Spinalign range of quality beds such as the fabric used to cover the bed shows the overall commitment to quality, giving clients the high quality support and comfort that Spinalign is known for.

The company is over 30 years old and they have built up a solid reputation. Spinalign Beds are known to be fantastic quality beds that are affordable and can be used in any bedroom in a house. Spinalign Beds are manufactured in South Africa by the well-known and reputable Silentnight Beds brand. Silentnight Beds have over 60 years of experience in the bed manufacturing industry and they have over the years created a strong client base. These beds can be found throughout the country. Clients who buy Spinalign Beds are buying an affordable high quality product that is going to be long lasting.

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