Are you a light sleeper? Did you know things called “spindles” control how heavily you sleep?

Are you the type of person that wakes up if your partner rolls over in bed, or the type that can sleep through a nuclear war? Did you know the ability to sleep heavily is a physiological factor rather than a personality one? There’s a study that shows that a certain area in your brain controls how heavily you sleep, but no one knows why, or how. If you’re someone who is easily woken you know the frustration of having your sleep disturbed every time your partner turns around in bed next to you and the bed bounces, making you instantly awake, but what can you do about it, can you make yourself sleep more deeply?

Light sleeper? Too few spindles!
Light sleeper? Too few spindles!

The secret to deep sleep is a little more than being determined to sleep more deeply. How deeply you sleep is actually determined by little things in your brain called spindles. The more spindles you have, the more resistance to disturbance you have. Brain wave readings in a study conducted on a room full of sleeping people revealed that the more spindles a person had, the more likely he or she could stay asleep through the barrage of noises. These people were first allowed to sleep in a room with very little noise, and then in one with more disturbance, while scientists measured their brain waves. Through this manner, they managed to determine that the more spindles one has, the more they could block noise and other disturbances out.

Can I get spindles with that, please.

Everybody has spindles, which are controlled by the thalamus, a control tower that sends sensory information to other parts of the brain, which is about as much we know about the mysteries that are spindles. For instance, no one knows why some people have more spindles than others, whether they are heredity, or not, or how to get more of them.

Spindles are a part of your sleep cycles
Spindles are a part of your sleep cycles

According to the head researcher, Ellenbogen, new research may bring Ellenbogen and colleagues closer to creating a “sleep utopia” for troubled sleepers. Fractured sleep—when a person wakes up many times a night—is “disturbingly prevalent in our society, partly due to insults from a variety of noises,” according to the study. In addition to early-morning garbage trucks and creaking pipes, people are increasingly surrounded by technology that may produce irritating “beep and boops,” Ellenbogen said. “Now we can leverage this naturally occurring process [of spindle generation] and use that as a tool to prevent the sleeper from disruption,” he said. For instance, it may be possible to design a drug that would enhance spindles in light sleepers, totally different to a sleeping pill, which simply anesthetises them.

Mattress movement, the spindles cheat sheet.

In the meantime, it’s possible to buy a mattress that will let you sleep without being disturbed every night. While we at The Mattress Warehouse can’t do anything about noises like traffic and other things, we can ensure that your mattress doesn’t have any movement, meaning that even if your partner is jumping up and down on the bed next to you, you’re sleeping on, undisturbed. This is achieved through pocket coils, which are spring units that are individually wrapped in fabric pockets that don’t influence each other at all, but rather each unit sinks under the pressure applied to it without affecting those around it.

Simmons mattresses have pocket coils.
Simmons mattresses have pocket coils.

Simmons mattresses:

Simmons mattresses are all made with pocket coils, the original first pocket coils that were designed by a man in America named Marshall, so the coils are sometimes called Marshall coils too. The coils are like a spring, normal spring that you would have seen anywhere. Think of a slinky shape. Then think of a slinky in a little pocket of fabric that keeps the slinky quiet and soft, making a super comfortable and supportive bed. Now think of a bed filled with these slinkies that will allow your husband to bounce up and down on one side of the bed while you lie as still as a log on the other, and you’re imagining a pocket coil bed. Simmons aren’t the only manufacturers that make beds using pocket coils, Edblo, Rest Assured, Sealy and Serta also have pocket coil beds, depending on what your budget for a mattress is, you may decide what to buy, as The Mattress Warehouse sells all of those brands. Simmons however, do make the very best quality pocket coil beds.

So how do you know which Simmons mattress to buy?

Your options range from comfortably firm to extremely soft, depending on your taste. Their top of the range mattress, the Crescendo, is an extremely soft bed, with memory foam, which cause the mattress’s giving, plush, enveloping feeling. If you like a very soft bed, then the Crescendo will work for you, but if you prefer a slightly firmer feel, the crescendo will be too soft.

The Simmons Plush is their next softest mattress, a little bit firmer than the Crescendo, but still a very soft mattress. It doesn’t have memory foam, so it isn’t as soft as the top of the range bed. If you like a soft feel but not quite as giving as the Crescendo, the Plush will work perfectly for you.

The Simmons Classic:

This mattress is a firmer feel, with no bounce or movement, it just accepts your weight and support it. Firmer than the Plush and Crescendo, it’s still pretty soft, basically a medium firm feel for someone who likes it in between soft and firm.

The Simmons Superior firm:

This is the firmest Simmons mattress, but still extremely comfortable. This bed is for anyone who prefers a firmer bed, especially those with back problems or regular back pain, this bed will support the lower back and keep it in a neutral position, allowing you to sleep well and deeply, and keeping you from feeling any pain from cut off blood vessels, which is usually the problem with overly firm beds. Of course, there’s also no motion transfer, so your sleep can’t be interrupted by the person sleeping next to you either.

At The Mattress Warehouse, we want to ensure that you sleep well, no matter how many spindles are or are not in your brain, we have the mattress to suit you. We also carry foam mattresses, which have no motion transfer either, such as Genessi and Cloud Nine, so come and give our mattresses a feel! Call us on 0861 007 000 today!