For the last decade or so, The Mattress Warehouse has been providing high-quality beds for sale in cities like Cape Town, Johannesburg, Nelspruit, Pretoria and Polokwane. Recently, we expanded our mattress factory to Durban.

We only stock the very best mattress brands and we are always on the lookout for great new products. With all of the bedroom furniture and accessories that you could possibly need to not only have a stylish bedroom but also a comfortable mattress, The Mattress Warehouse remains one of South Africa’s favourite place to buy a new bed.

To help give our exceptional products a fresh introduction to the city of Durban, in this article, we are going to touch on 5 of our favourite bed brands!

We stock numerous, popular bed brands. Soon you will find our beds for sale in Durban.
We stock numerous, popular bed brands. Soon you will find our beds for sale in Durban.



But first, let’s talk a little bit about the importance of good sleep.

Good quality sleep is vital for a healthy, happy life. While it might be other factors in your life which are disrupting your sleep, one of the most common causes of bad sleep is the mattress.

Many people overlook the importance of their mattress. As a result, they don’t replace it when the time comes and they continue to sleep on a bed that might not be right for them. Waking with back pain, headaches and a general feeling of not having enough rest, are just a few of the signs that you are sleeping on a mattress that is not right for you!

When you take good care of your mattress, you can get many, many years of comfortable sleep from it. And it all starts with buying the bed that is right for your body! These days, you will find the right bed for just about all of your sleep needs. Back support, neck support, pressure point relief and a myriad of other features are part of mattress design. Along with the right features as well as superb comfort, you will have everything you could possibly need!

The toughest decision you will need to make is which bed to buy. Once you know what your sleep needs are, making the choice will be a little easier, but most of us don’t know what we need from our beds. Here are a few things that will help you to assess your sleep needs:

  • Be aware of when you begin to feel sleepy. This will be a great indication of what time is the right time to get to bed.
  • Keep track of when you naturally fall asleep and wake up. This will tell you more or less how many hours of sleep you need. To make things a little easier, try taking a sleep holiday. It sounds far fancier than it really is but basically, the next time you have a week or two of downtime away from work, don’t use your alarm. This way, you will wake naturally and you will be able to determine how much sleep is just right for you!
  • Keep a sleep diary. In this book, note if you feel sleepy when waking as well as how your body feels. Do you have aches and pains?
  • Finally, take note of whether or not you have any sleep disorders.

Beds for sale in Durban and the 5 bed brands we recommend

We value and we recommend each one of the bed brands that we have in store or feature in our online shop. These 5 bed brands, however, are our more popular options. We have introduced thousands of South Africans to a better sleeping experience, and we can help you find the right bed as well.

If you are unsure about which bed is ideal for you, talk to one of our helpful sleep consultants!

Sealy Beds for Sale

Sealy Beds is a brand that is known throughout the world and they deliver on the promise of providing you with a sleep haven. Each year, more people choose their new bed from the selection of Sealy beds for sale because they know that they will benefit from:

  • Undisturbed sleep. Sealy beds relieve pressure points and each mattress is exceptionally comfortable.
  • Improved back support. Sealy beds have built an empire on beds designed to support your back and spine in a way that no other bed can.
  • Years of experience. In the bed manufacturing industry, experience counts for a lot and Sealy manufactures each bed using tried and tested technology.
  • Mattresses made to last. Every Sealy Bed is made with the very best, long lasting materials.

Cloud Nine Beds for Sale

Cloud Nine Beds will give you all the comfort you need.
Cloud Nine Beds will give you all the comfort you need.

A South African favourite, this is a bed company that prides itself on improving your sleep experience. Some of the reasons many prefer choosing their new bed from the selection of Cloud Nine beds for sale includes:

  • Hypoallergenic fabrics and fibres for disturbance free sleep.
  • Partners won’t wake one another with nightly movements.
  • Memory foam technology to provide more support by moulding to the shape of the sleeping body.
  • Back support for those who need extra care for their backs.

Rest Assured Beds for Sale

Rest Assured beds have a great reputation!
Rest Assured beds have a great reputation!

Another great bed brand we recommend is Rest Assured Beds. When you are really in need of a peaceful nights’ sleep, selecting one of the Rest Assured beds for sale is a good choice, because:

  • The beds have a double tempered coil system to give the mattress extra durability and firm support.
  • The beds are designed to be extra soft, with special soft fabrics being used.
  • These beds are also created to regulate temperature so you never get too hot or too cold.
  • Each bed is made with fabrics and foams that make the bed luxuriously soft.

Edblo Beds for Sale

Edblo Beds are one of South Africa's favourite bed brands.
Edblo Beds are one of South Africa’s favourite bed brands.

Edblo beds are a proudly South African brand and they have been in the business of manufacturing high-quality beds since 1927. A few of the qualities that make Edblo beds so popular include:

  • Being really affordable, Edblo beds for sale gives everyone the opportunity to own a high-quality bed.
  • Each bed is designed to provide plenty of comfort.
  • Edblo beds are ideal for all homes and they are equally great for the hospitality industry.

Serta Beds for Sale

Serta beds are sure to provide plenty of comfort and support.
Serta beds are sure to provide plenty of comfort and support.

Serta boasts about being the “World’s Best Mattress”. We don’t dispute that it is certainly one of the best mattresses you could possibly buy! Some of the great features that you can enjoy when you buy a Serta bed includes:

  • High-quality foams are used to adjust the firmness of the mattress. Regardless of whether you prefer a soft mattress or a firm mattress, Serta has a bed for you.
  • Bonnell Coil spring system to give you that extra amount of support.
  • A design that makes full use of the spring coils to reduce the possibility of sleep disturbance.

At The Mattress Warehouse, we have all of the most popular beds for sale. And our beds suit all types of budgets. For beds for sale in Durban, be sure to visit our newest branch and take advantage of our great deals!

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