The 10 most affordable double beds in South Africa under R 10 000

Although it is always a treat to browse all of the bed options available, price can be the biggest factor determining whether or not we buy a bed. The bed might have everything we could possibly need but if that price is just a little bit out of what we can afford, the chances are that we will overlook the bed and go for the next best, and often cheapest, option. Double beds for sale are available for everyone.

Everyone deserves that wonderful double bed to snooze on. With these affordable double beds for sale, you are going to fall back in love with your bed.
Everyone deserves that wonderful double bed to snooze on. With these affordable double beds for sale, you are going to fall back in love with your bed.

Now is the best time to buy a new mattress, beds are getting cheaper but their quality is, even more, amazing than usual. It is possible to buy a great quality bed at a great price without having to break your bank. One of the factors that affect the price of the bed is the size of the bed. You will find that single beds are a whole lot cheaper than other beds. But single beds are not forever. Eventually, you are going to want to buy a bigger bed to stretch out on and to get that restful sleep you really need.

Here are the 10 best and most affordable double beds in South Africa (in no particular order).

  • Plush Tonic Majestic Double Bed


The Plush Tonic Majestic Double Bed is the most affordable bed on this list. At under R2000 it has everything you could possibly want in your double bed. The majestic bed range is known to be one of the best in South Africa, with only the best materials being used to manufacture the beds within this range. Majestic Beds designs each bed within their range to provide you with complete and utter comfort. Because these beds are so reasonably priced, they are the perfect choice in bed for the whole family.

  • Posture Perfect Spinalign Double Bed

Investing in a bed that is able to perfectly support a sleeping body is an ideal for many people. But finding one that is reasonably priced is a challenge for many. But with the Posture Perfect Spinalign Double Bed, you are looking at a great deal. This bed is fit with verti-coil open technology which allows the body to easily get comfortable. These springs will mould to the body, supporting a person throughout the night. This coil technology allows for an extra 28% more coils than usual. The bed is also fit with incredible side support which will give the bed a longer life span. Looking for that extra support at a reasonable price? You will find that here.

  • Pillow Top Majestic Double Bed

The Majestic Pillow Top double bed consists of a luxury mattress on top of a firm base. The bed is fit with a bamboo cover which is breathable, making it perfect for those hot summer months. Inside the mattress, you will find the world famous Bonnell coil springs, wired together to provide consistent support across the entire bed. This bed is ideally placed inside the main bedroom of the home, comfortably able to support two adults. At under R5000, this bed is a steal.

  • Energiser Pamper Top Luxury Edblo Double Bed


Every person deserves a little sleep luxury and the best way to ensure great sleep is to have a fantastic bed to rest on. The Energiser Pamper Top Luxury Edblo bed ticks off all of the comfort boxes. This bed comes with a ComfiCoil Spring System which supports sleeping partners so well that they will not even roll into one another during their sleep. And with amazing edge support, the bed has a wider sleeping space then most conventional double beds. Treat yourself to great sleep, this bed will cost you around R 5 799 which places it a bit ahead of the other beds in price.

  • Panache Edblo

Panache means to have the confidence of style, and style is exactly what this bed will bring to your home. This bed is not only highly durable and able to give you many years of glorious comfort but it is also antibacterial and antifungal, giving any allergies you might have a break from unwelcome flare ups. This bed has pocket coil technology with each spring within the mattress being individually wrapped to prevent it from damaging the other fabrics and fibres within the mattress. Multiple comfort layers will give any sleeping person more than enough support. The springs also provide individual support, this means you will not be woken up by your sleeping partners movements.

  • Neuro-Care Cloud Nine

This is the ideal bed for those who are a little bit on the heavier side. More support will provide the sleeping person with the exact amount of quality comfort that they need for their sleep to be amazing. The Neuro-Care bed is equipped with memory foam which snuggly holds the body in position throughout the night, ensuring the highest amount of possible support. The Neuro-Care bed will reduce pressure points and it will also reduce the number of times your sleep will be interrupted by the need to turn over. A big bonus of this bed is that it allows air to move through the mattress, always keeping it fresh.

  • Ortho Pillow Top Spinalign Bed

The pillow top bed is one bed that graces many bedrooms, it is just that comfortable. The pillow top bed is both incredibly supportive and comfortable and now it is also more affordable than ever before. This bed has verti-coil technology which is able to provide so much extra support and comfort. Along with supporting your back in all the right ways, this bed is also fit with fantastic side support that will help you to easily get into and out of your bed.

  • Classic Plush Simmons Double Bed


Double beds for sale are some of the most sought after terms searched for online. The Classic Plush Simmons Double Bed has everything that you could possibly want from your bed. On the upper end of the price scale, this BeautyRest bed from Simmons is fit with Oxyplus fabrics, beauty foam and double borders, guaranteeing that your sleep is enhanced in such a way that it will never be the same again. This bed is designed to give you the ultimate amount of superb comfort. The mattress is big enough to comfortably support two sleeping adults.

  • Vitality Pillow Top Genessi Double bed

Those looking for extra support and comfort are sure to find it with the Genessi Vitality Pillow top bed. This bed never has to be flipped or turned. The bed is fit with a top layer of comfortable foam to give the sleeper the additional support that they need and the comfort that is going to give them the best sleep of their lives. The memory foam is what makes this bed truly amazing. Memory foam conforms to the shape of the sleeping body, meaning no more pressure points with this bed.

  • Wimbledon Rest Assured Double Bed

Just like every other bed within this range, the Wimbledon Rest Assured Double Bed is made for your comfort. One of the biggest standout features of this bed is the Bonnell Coil system which is manufactured exclusively by Rest Assured. The coils make all the difference in this bed as these coils are able to provide the bed with an equal weight distribution throughout the mattress. This bed is also fit with a body zone support system which ensures that every region of the body is supported in all the right ways.

Luxury double beds for sale means you can bring that hotel luxury into your home
Luxury double beds for sale means you can bring that hotel luxury into your home

Double beds for sale consist of some of the world’s greatest bed brands. But each bed has the same purpose, to provide you with a quality sleep that allows you to give your body the intense amount of relaxation that it needs in order to face the next day. But sometimes it takes a lot more than a great mattress to rid your body and mind of the day’s stress. Along with having a fantastic mattress you should also consider trying out these sleep tips:

  1. Turn your bedroom into a sleep haven

What is going to make your sleep a whole lot better is the environment that you rest in every night. Many people overlook the importance of having a positive sleep environment. A quiet environment that is also dark and cool is considered to be the optimum environment for great sleep. Having heavy curtains that block out all light is as important as turning off all noise-producing technology such as computers and radios.

Along this line of thinking you might also want to limit the amount of work related things you have in your bedroom; never take your laptop to bed or paperwork that could wait until tomorrow. It might also be a good idea to not have a TV in your bedroom.

  1. Have a sleep routine

Your brain needs time to power down after the busy, stressful day. Going to bed with an overly active mind can have a detrimental effect on your sleep. For at least an hour before bed, you should consider shutting down your mind and taking advantage of some relaxation techniques. Don’t do any stressful or overly stimulating before bed as that can have an effect on your sleep. Read a good book, soak in a bath, or watch TV. All of this can bring on your sleepiness and give you a great night of rest. It is not recommended that you sit in front of a computer screen for hours at a time at night, this can actually force your body back into day mode rather than into shut down mode.

  1. Go to bed when you are actually tired

If you go to bed at an early hour but find that you are not sleepy enough to drift off, you can get very frustrated. Sometimes if your body is not tired enough to go to sleep, it is best to rather get out of bed and go do something relaxing until you feel tired enough to go to sleep. If you have your sleep cycle in tune with your life you shouldn’t find many problems going to sleep, should you go to sleep and wake up at the same time.

  1. Nap the right way
Napping has its advantages but it should be avoided if you have trouble sleeping at night
Napping has its advantages but it should be avoided if you have trouble sleeping at night

Many of us have been napping wrong our whole lives. Napping can be hugely beneficial if you do it correctly but that means naps should only be 15 to 20 minutes long and ideally napping should be done in the early afternoon. Napping can actually make insomnia worse and it can also make it difficult to fall asleep later in the evening.

  1. You can change the quality of your sleep during the day

Having sunlight on your face during the morning is very important. Standing outside in the sun for a few minutes after you wake up can have an impact on the type of sleep you will experience later in the evening when you want to get to bed. Daylight has a big impact on your sleep and getting plenty of sunlight in during the day is also good for your overall health. Working in a windowless office can make getting sunlight a bit more difficult. Make sure you take regular breaks outside or invest in a light therapy box.

Your sleep is important to every aspect of your day to day life, it has the power to improve both your health and your mood. So invest in the proper bed. The ten double beds for sale above make great sleep more affordable than ever before and why not make use of these sleep tips to ensure that each night is a night of rest?

Each of the ten beds mentioned above can be found at The Mattress Warehouse should you be looking for double beds for sale and all of them are under R 10 000. Pay a visit to our shop or have a look through our online store to find out more about our range of mattresses and double beds for sale.