The best mattresses for back pain

Picture this:

You have settled down in your bed after a tiring day at work, you have a peaceful night sleep in mind and you are hoping that you will drift off and wake up with a body that is as well rested as your mind. Sadly when your alarm goes off the next morning, you are greeted with a terrible pain in your back, your mind feeling as worn out and as tired as when you went to sleep the night before.

Soon this develops into a nightly pattern that seems to be never-ending and you end up relying on pills to soothe the aches and pains, putting the pain down to something caused by stress the at work that you are not able to shake.

If this is sounding a little too familiar, you should have a look at your mattress. A bad mattress is one of the biggest culprits of back pain. And yet at one time or another in our lives we will all experience back pain. We often don’t pay enough attention to possibly one of the most important parts of our body: our spine. Your spine and back muscles have the ability to cause you serious pain if you do not take care of them properly.

The right mattress matters for your back
The right mattress matters for your back

Many of the day to day things that we do actually put our spine in a dangerous position, sometimes it is the careless picking up of a heavy object, other times it is the result of sitting too long at a computer and throughout the day feeling that familiar uncomfortable twinge creeping through your muscles. Regardless of what is the cause of your painful discomfort, having a mattress that does not meet your spine needs or make you feel as though you might as well have not gone to bed at all is not going to help you get back on track.

How do I know my mattress is causing me back pain?

Not all back pain can be attributed to a bad mattress. This means that before you go on the warpath and destroy your mattress for causing you so much pain, you should be figuring out why you have the pain in the first place.

The first thing to consider is when you get your back pain. If you have pain when you wake up, but it disappears after a few minutes of stretches then the alarm bells should be ringing. The second thing that should get you thinking about getting a new mattress is if you wake up during the night as a result of tossing and turning. The general good practice rule is to replace your mattress at least every 8 years.

Although back pain is occasionally caused by a bad mattress, some people simply suffer from chronic back pain and for them buying a mattress that is going to specifically ease the pain will make all the difference in the pain that they endure.

There are a number of things to keep in mind when you are struggling with back pain and are looking for a new mattress. The firmness, the size and the type of mattress are all important things to consider. Then, of course, you have to look at your budget.

Tips for choosing a mattress to correct back pain

  • Do you need a firm mattress?

For some people, a firm mattress is just what they need in order to get rid of the back pain that is keeping them from getting enough rest. What you need to look for is a medium-firm mattress that will support your back but also be comfortable. Recent research in America has shown that around 95% of orthopaedic surgeons agreed that lower back pain can be easily attributed to the mattress that a person sleeps on.

  • Firm is not your friend

While on the one hand some people might enjoy a lot of comfort and support from sleeping on a firm mattress, other people will benefit more from not lying down each night on a mattress that is too firm. Perhaps you have heard that it is best to invest in a firm mattress in order to sleep well but each body is different and, as a result, each body has different needs. A mattress that is too firm will actually result in more pressure being exerted on the back muscles and spine which in turn leads to pain. Again it is advisable to buy a medium firm mattress.

Back pain from a bad mattress can lead to serious other pains such as migraines
Back pain from a bad mattress can lead to serious other pains such as migraines
  • Know your body type

Your body type plays a bigger role in your mattress needs than you might think. Your height and your weight play a big role in the type of mattress that you should be buying. Regardless of whether you are a little heavy or a little tall, these things have to be thought about when you are buying a mattress. Because all of our body types are different, we all need different types of support.

  • Find out where the problems lie

Do you know why you have back pain? Do you know if it is connected to your mattress or should you be asking a doctor? Your mattress can only do so much for your sleep health and sometimes your bad back pain is due to other factors such as sitting wrong at your desk or doing too much heavy lifting. The proper mattress will be able to ease the pain that you are experiencing, but it will only take so much of your pain away if you are not focused on the causes of your back pain.

  • Price and quality are not one and the same

The most expensive mattress is not going to always be the right mattress for your needs. Sometimes the mattress that is not the most expensive is the ideal mattress to buy simply because it suits all of your sleep and relaxation needs. Latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses are fantastic mattresses to buy and they provide a really high-quality amount of proper support. The spring mattresses, while they make great beds, are sometimes incredibly expensive and are not exactly what you need. Memory foam mattresses are always great for supporting the body as they are fitted with the right stuff to support your body properly.

The best mattresses to buy if you have back pain

Serta Perfect Sleeper Essentials Mattress

This bed was designed by the sleep experts to tackle the most common aches and pains that a person might be afflicted with when they are sleeping. This mattress is available in 3 different comfort layer options, the pillow top, the firm and the plush, all of which are supported by a fantastic spring system that is designed to support your body in all of the right ways. Serta beds are pure, affordable luxury and if you are looking for a bed to ease your back pains, this is one bed that you should consider.

Simmons BackCare 5 Mattress

The Simmons BackCare 5 Bed is one of the best for back pain
The Simmons BackCare 5 Bed is one of the best for back pain

One of the best beds for back care and support bed in South Africa has to be the Simmons BackCare 5 mattress. This bed is designed with one aim in mind: to give support to the 5 most important regions of the body. These 5 regions are the lumber region, the upper back, the hips, the thighs and the lower legs. Each region takes a lot of stress during the day and it is these regions that need the most support at night. Not only will this bed rest your whole body by aligning your spine correctly but it will also prevent back pain from becoming a serious problem.

Genessi Comfort Support Bed

Part of the legendary Genessi range of beds, this amazing piece of back support is ideal for those who are looking for the comfort and support of memory foam. Memory foam has long been one of the preferences for those who are looking for a mattress that will fully support and revive their sleeping body. With memory foam, your body will be supported correctly and waking up during the night will be something of the past. These beds will provide you with only the best support.

Ortho Pillow Top Spinalign

The Ortho Pillow Top from Spinalign is a great option for back pain sufferers and it also prevents you from having back pain
The Ortho Pillow Top from Spinalign is a great option for back pain sufferers and it also prevents you from having back pain

Reasonably priced and available in a number of different sizes, this range from the renowned Spinalign bed company is a great choice when you are looking to eliminate the issues that are a result of intense back pain. The Ortho Pillow Top Bed by Spinalign is able to revitalise your body and mind, filling it with energy and preparing you for a busy day. This bed is fitted with a verti-coil system, and a wonderful amount of fabrics, foams and fibres that are able to support your body and spine in all the right ways, ensuring that you get the good quality sleep that you deserve.

Cloud Nine Posture Support

If you are suffering from back problems, sometimes the issue lies with your posture not being correctly supported during the night. But it is easy to correct this issue and the Cloud Nine Posture Support bed is the comfortable, quality bed you are looking for. This bed has a visco-elastic foam that moulds to your sleeping body, high-density foam and a great core support that prevents a sleeping person from waking up at night when they turn over. Visco-elastic foam is like memory foam, a great option for anyone struggling with back pain.

Latex vs. memory foam for back pain

For a long time, people have been asking themselves this question: which is the better option, latex or memory foam?

Latex is made from latex foam and while it has the moderate ability to mould itself to the body, it is also able to provide a more resistant feeling to the mattress than a memory foam mattress can provide. Latex foam mattresses will provide that comfort that you are looking for but unlike the memory foam you won’t be feeling as though you are sinking down into the mattress when you put pressure on it.

Memory foam is fantastic for back pain relief
Memory foam is fantastic for back pain relief

With the memory foam mattress, you will feel as though the foam is moulding to every curve on your body, spreading your weight across the entire surface of the mattress. Because of this unique feature, you will probably never have to worry about pressure points being created again. That is one of the unique things about these mattresses. When you move the mattress moves along with your movements, providing you with the right support throughout your sleep.

Latex foam and memory foam are similar in the following ways:

  • Currently, these are the two best mattresses on the market and they both score high up on customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Both mattress types have the ability to reduce or eliminate the creation of pressure points which have the tendency to wake the sleeper up during the night.
  • These mattresses are great when it comes to pain relief. If you are someone who suffers from back pain or any other type of pain, these mattresses should be the types that you look at. For this reason, you will see that most of the mattresses mentioned above actually come with either a memory foam or a latex foam filling.
  • These two mattress types offer a much wider variety than other mattress types. You can get these mattresses in a range of different thicknesses, firmness’s and brands which gives you the opportunity to shop around more and find the best prices.
  • Both of these mattress types can be a bit on the pricey side.

Although each mattress type has its good and bad points, time and again the memory foam mattress has been voted the best mattress to buy, especially if you suffer from pain. This mattress is able to prevent you from getting too hot while you are sleeping and it is also the perfect bed should your sleeping partner wake you at night.

Are you in search of the best mattresses on the market? Let The Mattress Warehouse assist you in finding the perfect mattress to suit your every sleep need.

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  1. We are looking at purchasing an orthopedic mattress with memory foam for our guests who sometimes put this request through. Please e mail me with different quotes. I am looking for a king size extra length. Please advise on delivery charges as well

  2. Have standard double bed.. Looking for orthopedic memory foam mattress.
    Please can I have options and prices.
    Can I purchase in Port Elizabeth ?

  3. Morning, I wake-up many mornings with back pain, now looking at purchasing an orthopedic mattress with memory foam. Please e-mail me with different options / quotes. I am looking for a king size extra length. No bed set / only mattress. Please advise on delivery charges as well as I am living in Hermanus.

  4. My mom wakes up with serious back pain she has even done a back operation can you assist us with contacts of suppliers around Pretoria who can assist us with quotations of orthopedic mattress with memory foam.

  5. I am looking for a memory foam king extra length. Both my husband and i have back hip and shoulder pain. Kindly recommend with price quotes included. Thank you

    1. Hi Tessa, one of our friendly staff will be in contact shortly to help assist you in finding the best bed for back pain.

  6. Hi,

    I need assistance in choosing the correct mattress between Sealy avignon firm , Sealy Avignon Pillowtop and also Cloud Nine Lodestar.
    I currently have a sealy pillow top- not sure of the exact name but its almost 10 years old and isnt as firm. I wake up tired and achy

    1. Hi Yumna, one of our friendly staff will be in contact with you shortly to help you choose between Sealy and Cloud Nine beds.

  7. I am looking for a med firm double mattress for an elderly but fairly heavy male with arthritis.
    please can you advise.
    I have read the recommendations and comments of latex versus memory foam. The person has a wooden base.
    Please advise.
    Kind regards. Lou Howell.

  8. I weigh 65 and my husband 78 We are in need of a “firm” mattress I read about the memory foam and ist seems like an opsion. What is the exact difference in the Ortopedic range between the Premium Premium delux Superior Pocket and Superior gel?

    1. Hi Louise, I will get one of our friendly staff to get in contact with you regarding options on firm mattresses.

  9. Good day

    I am looking for a Queen size mattress for back pain. I am looking at one of these 5 options: Serta Perfect Sleeper Essentials Mattress
    Simmons BackCare 5 Mattress
    Genessi Comfort Support Bed
    Part of the legendary Genessi
    Ortho Pillow Top Spinalign
    Cloud Nine Posture Support

    I do struggle with back pain and need extra support. Please contact me with quotes.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Jenine, thanks for contacting us, one of our sales consultants will be in contact with you shortly.

  10. I had a back operation 2weeks ago. Our bed is not doing it for me and is to low aswell. They say the best is a medium hard bed orthopedic. Could you please contact me with queen size xrra length prizes. Thank you. 0716136964

  11. I recently spent 5 weeks in hospital and slept on a foam mattress. Surprisingly I did not experience back pain or require medication for what had been a chronic condition for many years. On returning home the back pain returned and I once again need medication.
    I sleep on my back (for various reasons) on a double bed with my wife on a hard mattress.
    Please advise what mattress would be more suitable bearing in mind that it is shared by two persons.
    The Randburg warehouse is closest and we will visit this once we have received your reply

    1. Hi there Allan, Thank you so much for getting in touch with us. Well, firstly it is essential to determine your comfort level, which in your case you seem to be happy with a firm only firm mattress from your sleeping experience in the hospital. A Cloud Nine mattress would definitely be your best option as the entire range is foam only and is approved by the Chiropractors Association of South Africa. The range has a good variation of the firm, medium, and firm. We would recommend that you visit our Randburg branch and feel the different mattresses to determine which Cloud Nine mattress best suits your comfort needs.. We trust that one of our Randburg sales consultants will help you find the bed of your dreams.

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