The birth of the Electric Adjustable Motorized Bed.

The beauty of being in the bedding industry for more than a decade is that every now and then we get to be a part of history. Technology has changed the bedding world a couple of times in the last century with some significant changes in the last couple of years.

In South Africa some game changers in recent years have been:

1996 – The introduction of Pocket Coil Technology in South Africa

Although pocket coil technology has been used for a long time in the USA it was only introduced to the South African market by 1996 when Simmons beds, who I regard as the leaders in this technology, were first manufactured here. The Simmons bedding company dates back to 1876 with over a 148 patents in sleep technology.

2007 – Introduction of Memory foam in quality mattresses

Established bed manufacturers Cloud Nine and Rest Assured introduced a new type of foam that changed the bedding industry once again. Memory foam was initially developed by NASA and used for its fantastic pressure absorbing qualities. Today this foam is used in all sorts of products like shoes and pillows but to me it has made the biggest impact on heavy duty beds where it is used in conjunction with other high quality foams (It is not a good idea to use only memory in a mattress as it is heat sensitive and will not provide enough support needed for good back support). You can now buy a heavy duty bed with a softer more luxurious feel because of memory foam. Truly a game changer!

2012 – Electric motorized adjustable beds in South Africa

By this time a consumer was limited to the good quality but very expensive Tempur adjustable bed. This bed is also limited to a memory foam only mattress.

Today adjustable beds have become the most popular beds in our industry.

Genessi Motion bed

Choose between these fantastic options:

Genessi Motion Adjustable Bed – Electric adjustable bed with the option of a Latex (Recommended) or Memory   foam mattress. Click here for video on Genessi Motion Bed.

Cloud Nine Slomotion Adjustable Bed – Electric adjustable bed with different options in heavy duty layered foam mattresses.

Silentnight Berkshire Adjustable Bed – Electric adjustable bed with pocket coil mattress and 3 speed message function.

Orthopedic Electric Adjustable Bed – Electric adjustable bed with heavy duty memory foam mattress.

Every person has different needs when it comes to a bed so give us a call on 0861007000 and we will guide you towards your perfect match!

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