The Effects Of Hot Drinks On Sleep

Did you know that there are many beneficial effects of hot drinks on sleep? Today we will be informing you of some of those wonderful benefits. Additionaly we will share some mouthwatering ideas and recipes. So read on and be sure to make your favourite hot drink before bedtime.

Naturally, avoiding caffeinated or sugary drinks before bed is paramount to enjoying a wonderfully deep sleep. However, there are lovely warm drinks, full to the brim with healthy nutrients that promote restful nights.

The particularly deep slumbers you get are due to a few of the invisible ingredients. In the past, grandmothers always knew that giving children warm milk before bed was an excellent idea.

Tryptophan The Magic Ingredient in Milk

Warm milk showcase perfectly the effects of hot drinks on sleep.
A cup of warm milk before bed can ease your slide into Dreamland

The first hot bedtime drink that comes to mind is milk. The special sleep-promoting ingredient in cows’ milk is tryptophan. This amino acid is key in triggering the chain of events that results in higher serotonin. You see, tryptophan becomes niacin which ups serotonin levels. Your brain requires serotonin to produce melatonin. Melatonin will ease you into dreamland!

Only a small amount of tryptophan in cows milk is enough to help you wind down. Do you remember those wonderful evenings when Grandma spoilt you with a hot mug of milk? Just before bedtime. If you were lucky she would even give you a small biscuit to spoil you. A warm mug of milk, love and a milk moustache. What more does one want from life?

“Nothing brings back the taste of home, like warm milk!”

In modern day society, we find that many are allergic to milk. If you are allergic to milk, don’t despair! We will give you a few excellent options to replace the milky drinks! Fortunately, there are numerous other ways in which you can get your tryptophan in a warm drink at night. Finding new ways to enjoy the effects of hot drinks on sleep has become a mission for many. So let’s have a look at some wonderful ingredients. All of these ingredients are packed with health and can replace milk.

The following hot drinks will calm your nerves and send you into dreamland!

Almond Milk Contains Tryptophan and Magnesium

First on the list is almond milk which you can purchase at the store or make yourself. The National Sleep Foundation states that it contains tryptophan, which encourages sleep. In addition, almonds contain an abundance of magnesium. This mineral is essential for sleep. Interestingly, people whose levels of magnesium are low, do not remain asleep for long enough. Almond milk is, therefore, a super substitute for cows’ milk. The effects of hot drinks on sleep have never been this healthy.

Turmeric and Honey For Better Sleep

Effects of hot drinks on sleep
Sleepy tonic drink with turmeric, ginger, lemon and honey on a wooden board

You can add powders and potions to the base to optimise the effects. As you can see below, choices abound. Firstly, you could mix in a little cherry juice or honey for sweetness. They both happen to promote more profound slumbers.

“Honey will send you off into dreamland.”

According to some, honey makes you sleep like a baby. The National Sleep Foundation states that it makes the brain more receptive to tryptophan. The reason being that honey lowers orexin, a neurotransmitter that triggers wakefulness. Also, the small increase in insulin allows tryptophan into your brain.

Turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory spice and protects your nerve cells.

If you like you can add some turmeric for an effective anti-inflammatory effect. A particularly fabulous idea because the smallest undercurrent inflammation causes acidic blood and hinders sleep. Anti-inflammatories neutralise acid allowing you to drift off to dreamland. Moreover, turmeric is a nerve cell protector, meaning your brain is healthier. Since healthy brains function more effectively, better slumbers are yours.

Experiencing the effects of hot drinks on sleep is a mug of golden creaminess away.

Cinnamon to Calm Your Digestive System

Besides adding a delectable flavour, cinnamon calms the digestive system. A happy digestive system is essential for a peaceful night. Furthermore, adding some strands of saffron is extremely effective for anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Potasium, Blueberries and Calcium Enhances Restful Slumbers

Who says your hot bedtime drink has to be light? There is extra satisfaction in slurping down a slightly thicker bedtime drink while you lie in bed. The pure pleasure of a hot drink that can replace dinner as well as put you to sleep, is unsurpassable. Moreover, the additional ingredients are great enhancers of restorative slumbers.

So, since drinks that contain potassium and calcium encourage deep rest, add a banana to the almond milk. The complex carbohydrates they contain will sweeten your trip with the Sandman. Also, blueberries are great to add to a pre-snooze hot drink because they contain polyphenols that encourage sleepiness.

Walnuts, Avocado and Chickpeas For Seratonin

Did you know walnuts increase your serotonin levels? Add a few to your hot pre-sleep indulgence to give your potion extra strength. Wholegrain serotonin-promoting oats are another ingredient you can add to your night time hot drink. Alternatively, make your drink with a hot broth of blended chickpeas. Happily, these delicious legumes promote serotonin production because they are high in vitamin B6. Finally, several slices of avocado blended with your chickpeas enhance your hot potion further. Pre sleep drinks can be irresistible to the palate.

Herbal Tea To Calm You Down

effects of hot drinks on sleep
A warm cup of herbal tea can be exactly what you need after a long day at the office

No space for a thicker drink? No problem! Enjoy a spot of light, soothing tea instead. There is a substantial variety of calming herb teas that support sleep onset and duration. Choose from jasmine, lavender or chamomile. Combinations of St John’s Wort, valerian root and rooibos tea work well too. Peppermint tea reduces stress, and citrus tea with a touch of honey can help send you off to dreamland. In truth, there are many perfect bedtime herb teas. Surprisingly, catnip tea is one of them, making a potent anti-anxiety brew.

So Look out for These Herbal Teas

  • Jasmine
  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • St John’s Worth
  • Valerian Root
  • Rooibos Tea
  • Peppermint
  • Citrus Tea
  • Catnip tea

Psychological Effects of Hot Drinks on Sleep

Everyone knows how good it feels to hold a hot mug of something in your hands. Prior to tasting it you already feel differently about life. In fact, the comfort of holding a warm mug in your hands at night, is in itself sleep inducing. A sense of wellbeing and security is a direct cause of better sleep.

“Hot drinks trigger cosy memories of being at home.”

Dawson and Rogers state that a hot drink has a psychological impact. Furthermore, a warm drink can be the trigger to cosy memories of being safe at home with mom. Drinking a warm drink at bedtime reduces the amount of time it takes to fall asleep. Also, warming your hands with your favourite mug filled with a hot drink, lends a feeling of security to any situation. Helping you relax is just one of the benefits.

Moreover, establishing a consistent bedtime routine that includes a warm drink attaches certain associations to the habit. Over time, just holding a warm drink in the same mug can induce sleepiness. It’s all about what you associate with specific experiences. Your brain learns through repetition and loves predictability. It falls quickly into line when it knows there is a happy experience ahead.

The great thing about the effects of hot drinks on sleep is that it makes you feel content.

Hot Drinks Prepare Your Mind For Sleep

Furthermore, you cannot drink something hot in a hurry. The occasion demands that you sip slowly, meaning your mind and body instantly reduce their pace. Being present in the moment triggers a shift in brainwave patterns to a mildly meditative state. Sink into deep relaxation while you drink. From an active Beta mind, you easily can shift into low gear beta or even slow down to Alpha.

When enjoying your hot drink in a very quiet and soothing environment, you might even begin to approach the almost meditative state of low Alpha. These shifts in brainwave activity prepare your mind for Theta. Theta is the state your mind is in the moment before sleep. Finally, the deepest state, Delta, occurs only during sleep. Relish the sleepy effects of hot drinks on sleep.

Hold Your Cup and Be Happy

Effects of hot drinks on sleep
Holding a warm cuppa can improve your mood

The act of holding any hot drink is beneficial to your state of mind. Can you believe that briefly holding someone else’s warm drink makes you friendlier? Psychologists state that the heat of the mug is a comforting association that changes your mood. Feeling friendly, open and warm puts you in a good mood which will always help you fall asleep.

Furthermore, the thermo sensors in your throat and stomach react to the temperature of your drink.  Hot drinks cause you to perspire which cools the body down. A drop in body temperature just before sleep is one of the processes that allows you to fall asleep.

A Final word

The effects of hot drinks on sleep are substantial enough to inspire a nightly mug of indulgence. They influence how you feel and the depth of your rest. Moreover, the right hot drink can improve your health over time. Relish every sip!

We hope that you enjoyed this blog. Please let us know which hot drinks you enjoy before bedtime!

Sleep Well!