The Mattress Warehouse is having a sale!

mattress truck
our mattress sale won’t exactly look like this…

The Mattress Warehouse is having a truck sale!

Truck sales are something virtually unknown in South Africa, but The Mattress Warehouse will be having one this weekend in Nelspruit! So what is a truck sale? It’s not that we are selling all our trucks at a reduced price… we need those trucks to complete our free nationwide deliveries! Simply, it’s selling our mattresses and beds off the back of a truck at factory prices. We will stand on a street corner and sell directly to people driving past, and deliver their beds to them in due course.

Selling directly to YOU from our truck at a factory price means great prices on beds and mattresses. You don’t need to make time to come to our warehouse, simply stop your car and choose the bed you want. We have a payment on delivery option, where we will deliver your bed to you, so there is no need to be worried that you buy a bed from us and it never arrives. Our warehouse in Nelspruit is the main branch, which is why the sale is there, but we also have another branch in Midrand, Johannesburg, and we deliver nationwide for free!

So what beds can you expect at the sale?

You won't need to carry your mattress, we'll deliver!
You won’t need to carry your mattress bought on sale, we’ll deliver!

At The Mattress Warehouse we sell a variety of beds, from foam to innerspring. Some believe that foam beds in South Africa are expensive and uncommon, but that is totally untrue if you buy from The Mattress Warehouse! So whether you want a foam or innerspring mattress, we have the mattress for you.


If you like normal innersprings mattresses, you may be interested in a normal Bonnell Coil bed by Rest Assured, Majestic or Spinalign. Bonnell coils are the most commonly used mattress spring, and are the traditional type of spring. They are great for guestrooms, students, and children’s rooms. The Rest Assured Bonnell coil beds are very durable, with a 15 year warranty, and a comfortable, stable feel. Majestic are affiliated with Simmons, and are a good entry level bed. The same goes for Spinalign, who are made by Silentnight factories.

Another popular innerspring bed is the continuous coil. Rest Assured also makes continuous coil mattresses, as does Silentnight. Silentnight mattresses are very soft and comfortable, with a thick layer of memory foam for added comfort.

Pocket coils are great for back support!
Pocket coils are great for back support!

The third type of innerspring is a pocket coil. Pocket coil beds are great for couples, and are usually very soft beds. They don’t have any movement transfer, and make comfortable beds. The pocket coil beds we stock are by Simmons and Edblo, as well as Rest Assured.


As for foam beds, we have regular foam, memory foam, and latex beds. Regular foam beds are just foam beds with no special frills, very serviceable and do their jobs. Our regular foam mattress supplier is Universe Bedding. Memory foam and latex beds have foam cores, but memory foam or latex (or both) on top. Genessi and Cloud Nine are our memory foam and latex bed manufacturers. They are well loved South African beds, and very affordable, sometimes more so than the spring beds. Latex and memory foam are not uncommon in South Africa, and foam beds are readily available.

A foam mattress feels amazing!
A foam mattress feels amazing, especially when you know you bought it on sale!

To buy a bed from The Mattress Warehouse, pass through Nelspruit this weekend! Otherwise, we are always available for phone calls on 0861 007 000 or you can order online on our website and get free delivery to wherever you are!