How to sleep better:

Tired of waking up tired, feeling lethargic all day and looking forward to weekends just to sleep, and then not really feeling more rested? Do you struggle to fall asleep at night, and once asleep, sleep restlessly? If you do experience this, these solutions may change your sleeping experience, cause you to wake rested and energetic, and solve stress and even the problem of weight gain in your life!

Here are six ways to improve your sleeping experience and wake up rested every morning, even on Thursdays!

  1. Make sure you have a mattress that supports your lower back and softens your pressure points.

Many people have a mattress that’s about 10 years old or older, and it’s probably sagging the in middle, filled with various bacteria, and causing back pain due to it not being able to support their lower back. If you wake up stiff and achy is your back and knees, these are signs that your mattress isn’t supporting you properly. The Mattress Warehouse sells mattresses for every size and comfort preference, from firm to soft. We also sell various different brands to give you the most choice.

Make sure your mattress supports you!
Make sure your mattress supports you!
  1. Make sure your pillow isn’t too high or too low causing neck pain

Your pillow should keep your neck in line with your spine to keep prevent headaches, a stiff neck, and back pain. Many people make the mistake of using a pillow that’s too high that tilts their heads upwards, placing strain on the spine, and pinching nerves between the vertebrae, which is what causes the pain. It also causes the breathing passages to fall flat, making for restless sleep and, very often, snoring. The Mattress Warehouse sells memory foam, latex, and microfiber pillows.


  1. Cater to your sleeping patterns when deciding when to sleep and wake up.

Our body sleeps in approximately 90 minute cycles. If you can be aware of your sleep cycles, and wake up between cycles when your body is naturally surfacing from sleep, you’ll wake up feeling more rested, and lose the typical sluggish feeling during the day that we can experience after a long week or late night. There are various apps and other tools to help you do this effectively.

improve sleep patterns

  1. Keep your body at the right temperature using the correct linen.

If you are too hot or too cold during the night, even just by a small bit, it will affect your sleep. You may not be cold enough to actually wake up and get an extra blanket, but you will not sleep as deeply as you should have. With winter moving in, make sure you have a duvet that will keep you cosy, and especially ensure the duvet cover is made of a breathable fabric, like cotton, to keep you from getting sweaty.  The Mattress Warehouse stocks 100% cotton linen for the best possible quality and warmest feel. We also have duvets and duvet covers.

  1. Keep your bed free of bed bugs and dust mites. Prevent and eliminate with a zip on mattress protector.

Bedbugs, dust mites and other insects and bacteria are surprisingly prevalent in mattresses and beds. You probably have some now. You definitely have dust mites, which feed on dead human skin cells. Their faeces is slightly toxic to humans, and can cause allergies or simply wheezy breathing as you sleep and breathe it in. They are easily preventable with a sound mattress protector that you zip around your entire mattress and wash regularly. Whatever you have will be trapped inside the protector and unable to continue feeding off you. The Mattress Warehouse carries 100% cotton mattress protectors that are not only totally waterproof but totally silent too. No crinkly and plastic-y sounds underneath you with our superior mattress protectors. They come in a quilted and toweled fabric and are a great investment.

Your bed is a dust mite haven!
Your bed is a dust mite haven!
  1. Shop at The Mattress Warehouse for the best deals, best service, and a large range of products from different brand names to pillows, duvet inners, duvet covers, pillowcases, fitted, flat sheets, headboards, noise-free and waterproof mattress protectors, even towels! We will improve your sleeping experience, allowing you to rest easy at night knowing that you have what you want, and you haven’t overspent your budget. Call today on 0861 007 000 or buy online here. We will deliver your products nationwide for free.  The mattress warehousesmaller