How much ventilation does your mattress have, and how important is it really?

If you’ve ever looked at a wooden bed base without a mattress, you will notice that the base has holes in. This is a very important part of your base that you may never have given some thought to, but the ventilation of a mattress can make a huge difference in how you sleep. Not only do you sleep better, but you are healthier, if your bed has adequate ventilation. If you are someone who sleeps “hot” it may be your base rather than your memory foam mattress, for instance.

The ventilation in this base keeps you breathing easy
The ventilation in this base keeps you breathing easy

So why is ventilation important in a bed base?

Humans sweat about half a litre into their beds every night. Part of this simply evaporates, and part is absorbed by the sheets and bedding, but a great deal of that actually seeps into the mattress. This sweat (and other bodily fluids) is a breeding ground for mould, mildew, and bacteria. These hygiene factors are more than simply being clean. Breathing in the mould spore will create wheezy breathing and restless sleep, as well as affecting your health due to poor sleep.

The hygiene of the mattress also contributes to whether or not your mattress will be infested with dust mites and bed bugs. Dust mites can give a sleeper who breathes in their faeces asthma, and bed bugs leave irritating and painful bites that will severely affect the quality of your sleep.

Your mattress also lasts much longer if it is not damp inside and being broken down by wetness or bacteria, so for a long lasting healthy mattress, you should have proper ventilation.

Bed bugs love sweaty bed with no ventilation!
Bed bugs love sweaty bed with no ventilation!

Most bed bases sold in South Africa are boxes with slats with a light fabic on top. They lift the bed and add ventilation.

Coolness of the mattress:

A mattress builds up a lot of latent heat without adequate ventilation. This refers to the mattress itself (for instance a bottom range foam mattress) as well as the base. For you to fall asleep, your body temperature has to drop. If your mattress is warming your body, your sleep will be restless and of poor quality, or you won’t fall asleep at all.

Feel of the mattress

A flat base with holes will feel a lot firmer than a slatted base, for instance. This is true even if you have a firm mattress, so if you find your bed too firm or a firm bed too soft, consider your base as well as your mattress. Many mattress manufacturers, like Simmons, Silentnight, Rest Assured and Cloud Nine void the warranty of the mattress if it has not been used on the base it’s been sold with because they know their base will offer the right ventilation.

For a comfortable bed, you need to have ventilation
For a comfortable bed, you need to have ventilation

For quality sleep, this small thing of a ventilated mattress is very important, even on a futon or so on, which is why at The Mattress Warehouse we sell slatted futon bases. We also sell every kind of bed with its base. Call us today on 0861 007 000 to buy your bed now!

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