What Are The Causes of Back Problems?


back problemsWhether you are an elite athlete or just a weekend adventurer, or somewhere in between, there is a solid chance that you will eventually deal with back pain too. It usually begins with just a twinge before the pain started to radiate down your back. At times, it can be quite bothersome and dangerous that you will need time to rest before continuing your activities. The worst part is, even just one sleepless night can add more pressure to the back pain. So what actually causes back pain?

Most aches are caused by strains and injured tendons or muscles, sprained or damaged ligaments and fibrous tissue. These types of injuries will eventually grow and worsen throughout the time and typically brought on by excessive lifting, overuse of body parts during new activity, an accident or from an uncomfortable sleeping position. Other times, a pinched or compressed nerve like the herniated disk can be the cause of the back pain as well. Having back problems can lead to a lot of difficulties during your day of doing activities. It can be very uncomfortable and painful at times

Back Problems: Spending Too Much Time In Front of a Screen

In this new era where technology is crucial in our daily lives, it is hard to avoid smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers, isn’t it? A study by Temple University suggested that our latest obsessions on technology is one of the main causes in creating more back aches and pains, especially in our necks, shoulders and backs. It is very important to occasionally take breaks between sessions just to make sure your body is moving and not just staying in one position for a long period of time. Sitting all day can be hazardous, because it puts more pressure on vertebrae and disks when compared to walking or standing. Therefore, adjust your seat so that your monitor is at eye level and your feet can rest freely on the floor. Then, always ensure that you take computer breaks as often as possible just to refresh your body and eyes.

Back Problems : Stomach Sleeping

It does feel comfortable at first until you stay in that position for more than thirty minutes or throughout the night. When you are sleeping on your stomach, it puts a lot of pressure on muscles and joints and make you feel uncomfortably painful the next morning. If you really need to fall asleep on your tummy (because that’s the only way you can sleep peacefully at night), we suggest sliding a very thin pillow just below your hip that will help in alleviating the pressure on muscles, ligaments and disks. Always go with a medium mattress, regardless of your slumber sweet spot. Another tip is to find a bed that is not too hard for the weak parts of the body. There are a lot of beds for back problems in the market such as the Genessi Comfort Rest, Simmons Classic Plush and Cloud Nine Chiroflex beds.

Back Problems : You Are Too Fashionable

We heard how high stilettos can be the cause of back problems, but it turns out that flats and sneakers can cause the trouble too. This is because flip flops and sandals tend to provide minimal arch support and a continuous wear can lead to foot and knee problems, and not to mention back problems as well. If you need to be fashionable throughout the week, we suggest for you to alternate your styles from sandals to sneakers and from high to low heels. This will help in avoiding you wear just one particular pair every single day. A good shoe needs to give good support. Apart from that, always make sure that the bag you are carrying will not give too much pressure especially on your shoulders and lower back. A better tote is the one which you can carry in messenger style which comes with wider, padded strap. This will lighten the load in your bag.

How to Soothe the Pain?

back problemsIf the pain is not too severe, try lying in the beds, especially beds for back problems that will eventually soothe your back pain. But do not spend most of your day and week just in the bed, because this will also lead to more growing pain in the future. Go for light activity every once a while like walking in the park for at least thirty minutes, organizing your home or even doing some light gardening. If you need to pop a pill, we suggest the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like naproxen and ibuprofen. Do not just wait until your back problem pain flare up. Always take the pills as directed on the label.

Other than that, you can also try a method by applying a cold compress right after you are having an injury. This will help in numbing the pain sensors as well as reduce the swelling. Then after 48 hours, you can switch to heat in order to soothe the aches and to stimulate blood flow to the area of injury. Last but not the least, we suggest for you to stay balanced at all time. In order to pick up lightweight items, bend at the knees and carry them closer to your body. This will help in minimizing the pressure on your back and to avoid any back problems that may occur in the future. Also, if you need to stand up or sit down, do it slowly without rushing your action.


We hope that this article is more than enough to enlighten you on what are the causes of back problems and how you can avoid them. Having back pain can be burdensome over the time, but if you take extra precautions and if you find the right beds for back problems, we are positive that you will not experience any more back pain. But if it continues to worsen over the time, we would advise for you to meet with your doctor to have a medical check. A normal back pain will not last more than a few days or weeks.