What is restless leg syndrome? Have you heard of this, or do you perhaps experience it? If it bothers your sleep, how can you treat it?

Those feet just won't stay still!
Those feet just won’t stay still!

I can’t go to sleep without rubbing my feet together. If I concentrate on not doing it while I’m falling asleep, I’m still bound to do it automatically while asleep. I concentrate best while bouncing my leg up and down. I’ve never really thought this is weird, it’s just something I’ve done. It doesn’t really disturb my sleep, but whenever I’ve slept over at a girl friend they’ve complained about the sound being creepy and keeping them awake! Do you also experience this, or perhaps know someone who does? Apparently I have a mild form of RLS – Restless Leg Syndrome. This is a compulsive need to move one’s legs, and can seriously disrupt severe sufferers sleep, keeping them from getting proper rest.

Personally, I’m not worried about my RLS because it doesn’t bother me at all, but I am wondering what will happen once I get married and someone else has to sleep next to my creepy moving feet! In the interests of that person in the future, I decided to see if RLS is treatable.

Don't want to keep my partner awake...
Don’t want to keep my partner awake…

So what is RSL, and is it treatable? According to sleepfoundation.org RLS is “A sleep-related movement disorder is known best for its overwhelming and often unpleasant urges to move the legs while at rest.” This means both while sleeping and simply sitting, someone with RLS will want to constantly move their legs (yup, that’s me!). If RLS is serious and affects someone while they are sleeping, it’s commonly simply called “insomnia” as that person cannot seem to sleep. It’s not really harmful except from causing sleep loss, but sleep loss is nothing to be taken lightly. Accidents caused by someone who is sleep deprived is one of the highest reasons for deaths on the roads, greater even that inebriation, and it also affects every day productivity and concentration at work, school, or other tasks.

 Just can't sleep?

Just can’t sleep?

But is it that abnormal or permanent? RLS is typically believed to only affect about 10% of the American population, but that’s the cases that have been properly diagnosed, it may be a lot less rare than is officially believed, in lesser or greater degrees of severity. It’s generally believed to be hereditary, which could be feasible for me, because my dad does the same, but my sister also started rubbing her feet at night after we shared a room, so I personally believe it can be a learned behaviour a great deal of the time too. One of the most scientific reasons is that it’s caused by an iron deficiency in the brain, and I do struggle with low iron levels, so that might be true too. This would mean it is treatable, and one of the best ways you can treat it, if you have it, is to ensure you are eating food with iron in it, like spinach, and also that you perhaps take an iron supplement. This will improve your centration and energy anyway, even if it doesn’t completely remove the RLS which might be more habit than anything else, a habit you need to break.

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