Why Cloud Nine Beds Are Good For Insomniacs!

Cloud Nine bedsNowadays, more and more people are complaining about having insomnia. Are you suffering from insomnia too? If yes, how do you manage with your sleeping problem? Do you swallow a sleeping pill or do you change and improve your lifestyle completely? Insomnia is not wonderful and as a matter of fact, the percentage of insomniacs keep increasing that it has become one of the most usual things you will hear on the streets.

There are so many factors contributing to insomnia. Among them are the room temperature, level of stress and the comfort of your bed. Generating a good night’s sleep is very important, especially to those who are often busy in their daily lives. But what is a great deal worse than that is if you are having a hectic schedule and you can’t sleep well at night. Our body needs enough rest and for adults this should be between eight to nine hours of sleep at dark. Even though napping is considered a good habit, it should never replace the long night’s sleep you must have. With the increasing number of beds for sale online, it is not impossible to obtain the right bed that will help in getting you enough rest.

What is our favorite bed for those insomniacs?

There are so many of them, but among them are Cloud Nine Lodestar, Cloud Nine Neurocare and Cloud Nine Chiroflex. Why do we keep mentioning Cloud Nine beds?
Easily, that is because Cloud Nine beds offer some of the best and most therapeutic beds out there. For example, the Cloud Nine Neurocare Double Bed offers support, comfort and durability as well as high-level of density of polyurethane construction with a rich, soft micro-quilted knitted cover. All of these specifications provide a beneficial experience for the sleepers, especially the ones who are suffering from insomnia. Besides, the majority of the Cloud Nine beds is endorsed by the S.A.B.S and the South African’s Chiropractic Association.

How Can You Minimize the Chance of Insomnia?

Cloud Nine bedsAside from getting a new bed, you should consider a few ways on how you should treat your insomnia. Nevertheless, buying new Cloud Nine beds is always one of the most important aspects of your daily life, especially if you’re suffering badly from insomnia. Even though there are so many beds for sale online, we suggest for you, go to the store to get better first experience of the beds that you’re interested in. Now, how can you minimize the chance of insomnia?

First of all, you should make your bedroom as an inviting place for you to crash after a long day at work or school. The vibe in your sleeping room should encourage you to rest comfortably. This normally starts with the lighting, the cleanliness as well as the bed. By selecting the right bed – more preferably the Cloud Nine beds – you are going to enhance the chance of you getting better sleeping experience. As for the lighting, a dimmer shade is preferable since it will assist in loosening the muscles in your body, and always make sure that your bedroom is clean enough. You don’t need a squeaky clean type, but it’s enough to just create a great ambience in the bedroom.

Secondly, you shouldn’t be using the bed for any other causes apart from sleeping and making love. If you tend to eat, watch TV or even do your work on the bed, you should quit all of these activities and make sure that your bed is only for sleeping. If you really need to read on the bed, we suggest for you to read pleasure books only. Disturbances during sleep can be caused not only by the wrong mattresses, but by the activities you do before you go to sleep. Your mind will constantly process the activities and memories leading you to never fully get enough rest at night.

Next, do not consume caffeine before you sleep as this will simply lead to sleep-deprived condition. Caffeine shouldn’t be consumed in the afternoon or toward evening and remember that, consuming chocolates or cookies are also considered as the sources of caffeine consumption. So, avoid caffeine at all cost when you are going to bed.

Why Are Cloud Nine beds The Best Beds?

We wouldn’t say Cloud Nine beds are the best out there, but they do have wide-range of models that will help in treating your insomnia. They are mostly allergy-free, hygienic and non-toxic. Furthermore, each of Cloud Nine models comes with two years of guarantee and twenty years of service warranty. The rating of firmness is ten out of ten and each mattress has different dimensions. If you buy Cloud Nine beds for sale online, the delivery of the products is usually within five working days, which is good news considering how most of us are engaged with our work schedules. By buying beds for sale online, you will save more time and you don’t need to drive all the way to the shop. However, we still suggest for you to – at least – try the beds that interest you prior to deciding on buying a bed.


The foundation of beneficial sleep is the right and comfortable mattress. Sleeping on an uncomfortable bed could steal you up to one hour of sleep, according to the research. By purchasing the right bed, you could probably be buying the chance of getting a quality sleep. Remember, over a seven year lifespan you’re going to spend over 20,000 hours on your bed. Thus, it is worth taking a little effort and time in the beginning to make sure you make the right choice. If you are looking for the right beds, we would definitely suggest the Cloud Nine beds, but the decision is in your hands. Simply make sure that your health is not compromised and take good care of your sleeping pattern. A lot can happen to your physical structure if you are always sleeping-deprived. Get a good bed and you will get a sounder sleep at night.