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Cloud Nine Beds

In 1968 Walter Laurie founded Cloud Nine Beds in the Cape. The company proved to be a huge success and soon Cloud Nine Beds were being manufactured in other cities around South Africa including Pretoria, Randburg, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Durban. The Cloud Nine Bed manufacturers go beyond just manufacturing mattresses. Cloud Nine Beds also manufacturers wooden and upholstered bed bases and memory foam. The Cloud Nine Bed is designed to have an ultra-modern style.
Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine Beds For Sale

The Cloud Nine Beds are made using materials that are manufactured entirely by Cloud Nine mattresses. Memory foam, polyurethane foam, polyester fibre, woven damask, knitted ticking and the wooden bed bases are all produced on-site by Strandfoam, the manufacturing division of Cloud Nine. The Cloud Nine foam mattress has been known as one of the best foam beds in the world. It is complemented with memory foam technology few bed brands have in their product.  Memory foam is the future of the bed industry.

Many South Africans have found that the Cloud Nine Beds are just the types of beds that they have been looking for. With comparison not only by price but superior comfort, this bed manufacturer has found a home for itself in the hearts and bedrooms of many. Cloud Nine mattress has been able to maintain a high standard of quality since 1968 and the products produced by this company are guaranteed to fulfil their promises.

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The reason for this bed manufacturer’s popularity is due to the four biggest benefits that come with owning a bed that is part of the Cloud Nine Beds family.

Those who suffer from back complaints will find that this bed is the ideal bed to own in order to soothe an aching back. With lots of support and the use of memory foam, the Cloud Nine Bed range can offer clients additional spinal support to ease pain and to prevent further damage to the back. View all our prices online.

The foam within this mattress, when cured, becomes a hygienic and allergy free mattress which has many benefits for those who suffer from allergies. When you suffer from allergies you might find that you can be easily woken up during the night in a fit of sneezing, coughing or sniffing due to allergies. The Cloud Nine Beds range will give allergy sufferers an easy nights rest, free from the symptoms of an allergy attack.

Some mattresses come with moving parts or even with ridged parts that poke the body or that cause pressure to be placed on those areas of the body where these areas on the mattress come into contact with the body. When this happens pressure points are created and pressure points can cause pain and extreme discomfort. With a Cloud Nine Bed, you will not have to deal with this as the mattress is designed to prevent the creation of pressure points.

One of the biggest causes of restless nights is the movement caused by a sleeping partner. Some beds are not designed to remove the motion transfer that can be experienced by sleeping partners. The beds created by Cloud Nine Beds have zero motion transfer between sleeping partners.

Cloud Nine Beds are SABS approved and they are CASA (Chiropractic Association of South Africa) endorsed. Purchase a bed manufactured by Cloud Nine Beds you will be spoilt with luxury. There is a reason that these beds have been dubbed South Africa’s favourite bed.

Cloud Nine Bed Prices

Cloud NineRapid ReformPosture Foam85KG p/p12 YearR3899-00
Cloud NineRapid ReformClassic90KG p/p15 YearR4899-00
Cloud NineArctic BlueSupreme135KG p/p20 YearR4999-00

Cloud NineiSleepSuperior Comfort105KG p/p15 YearR4999-00

Cloud NineEuro LatexChateau120KG p/p20 YearR6899-00
Cloud NineiSleepGrande145KG+ p/p25 YearR8099-00
Cloud NineMotionSloMotion130KG p/p20 YearR26 399-00

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Cloud Nine Bed Prices – Beds & Mattress Sizes

Cloud Nine Bed Types and Sizes
Measurements (cm) & Dimensions
Measurements in Inches
Bed Prices*
Cloud Nine Single Bed size

91cm x 188cm
35.8 x 74 inches


Cloud Nine Single Extra Length (XL) Bed Size91cm x 200cm
35.8 x 78.74 inches


Cloud Nine Three Quarter Bed Size107cm x 188cm
42.13 x 74.01 inches


Cloud Nine Three Quarter Extra Length (XL) Bed Size107cm x 200cm
42.13 x 78.74 inches


Cloud Nine Double Bed Size137cm x 188cm
53.93 x 74.01 inches


Cloud Nine Extra Length (XL) Double Bed Size137cm x 200cm53.93 x 78.74 inches


Cloud Nine Queen Bed Size152cm x 188cm
59.84 x 74.01 inches


Cloud Nine XL Queen Bed Size152cm x 200cm
59.84 x 78.74 inches


Cloud Nine King Bed Size183cm x 188cm
72.04 x 74.01 inches


Cloud Nine XL King Bed Size183cm x 200cm
72.04 x 78.74 inches