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Mattress Protectors

Mattress protectors (also known as a mattress topper) in South Africa are designed to fit beds of all sizes. From King and Queen Size mattress protectors down to those designed for single beds, you no longer have to deal with your mattress exposed to possible spills and stains.
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Mattress Protectors
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Buy a quality, affordable mattress protector online from The Mattress Warehouse

When you buy a new mattress, you are making an investment in your health by ensuring that you enjoy better quality sleep. The best way to ensure that your mattress will have a long lifespan is to protect it with a quality mattress protector. It is easy to remember to buy a mattress protector when you buy a new bed. The two go hand in hand!

At The Mattress Warehouse, we offer a selection of the best most affordable mattress toppers  in the country. These protectors are waterproof while they are also made using materials that are breathable. We have a great range for you to look through. Be sure to make all of the necessary comparisons and to read the reviews before you decide which mattress will be the best one to buy.

What exactly is a mattress protector and why should you have one?

These days mattresses are manufactured using the finest quality fabrics, foams and fibres. One spill will not only stain a mattress, perhaps permanently, but it could also damage the delicate inner materials. A cover is a barrier between the external elements that could damage your mattress and the mattress. But it doesn’t just protect the aesthetics of your mattress, it also keeps the mattress free from dust, dust mites and other allergens that might disrupt your sleep.

In general, a quality mattress protector will give the mattress a longer life while also keeping it as hygienic as possible. It will be one of the best investments you will make.

Sizes and types of mattress protectors in South Africa

You will find one size fits all mattress protectors in South Africa as well as those which are designed to fit a specific bed size. A mattress cover and a mattress protector are one and the same thing.

Some of the mattress covers available in South Africa include waterproof mattress covers, padded mattress protectors, as well as memory foam covers.

The most popular mattress protector is the waterproof cover. You would be mistaken to assume that this type of cover is designed mostly for children. The waterproof mattress cover will protect your mattress from stains and spills. It will also protect the mattress from bodily fluids. A lot of development has been put into these mattresses, so you won’t be buying a simple plastic cover!

If you want to be sure that you are keeping your expensive mattress in a good condition, you need the right cover. And with our prices, you can easily find an affordable, quality mattress protector for sale from The Mattress Warehouse. As suppliers of all things sleep related, including the best bed brands in the world, comfortable pillows and some of the best linen on the market, you can buy your mattress protector online from our online shop.

Browse through our ranges of mattress covers and mattress toppers. Buy yours today and receive free nationwide delivery!

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