Headboards are available in a range of styles and design options at The Mattress Warehouse, each made to suit your own style and budget. These are important bedroom accessories that need to compliment other bedroom furniture and accessories in conveying a unique and personal style to any bedroom décor. The headboard has become more than just a functional item of bedroom furniture and can now be the focal point of any bedroom design and layout. Browse through the large range of headboard options available from The Mattress Warehouse - we have something to suit your style and pocket and it’s guaranteed to be a focal point in your bedroom décor.


What are the main functions of a headboard?

Headboards can be traced back to Ancient Egypt where the Pharaoh would have an impressive headboard carved from ivory or gold with little purpose other than to look amazing! Modern headboards have a more purposeful use and fulfil some of the following functions:

  • One of the most important functions of a headboard is that it compliments and adds to the style palette of your bedroom. It’s important to consider the style of your bedroom when purchasing accessories like headboards, side tables or lamps so that you create a uniform look.
  • Another important functionality is that headboards will protect your walls – no more oily dirty marks on your clean walls.
  • Headboards also play an important role in improving the overall comfort of the bedroom – trying reading in bed without a headboard.
  • They can provide storage, which is a major advantage in smaller bedrooms with limited space.
  • A headboard can help keep the pillows in place, if the bed isn’t against a wall then a headboard is essential.

What are headboards made from?

  • The most obvious and popular choice is still wood ranging from budget-friendly options like SA Pine to more expensive hardwoods like Rhodesian Teak or African Rosewood. Reclaimed wood is also becoming more popular with environmentally aware shoppers.
  • Fabric is another trendy option and the choice of fabric will enhance the overall style and design of your bedroom. Fabric headboards have the added advantage that they are more comfortable than a wooden headboard. Depending on the fabric selected they are also appealing to shoppers that are on a budget.
  • Leather headboards have the same style and comfort advantages as fabric headboards however they are more expensive.

Choosing the Right Headboard

When choosing a headboard consider the following:

  • How comfortable is the headboard? Even if it looks great, it should be comfortable.
  • Is the headboard robust and sturdy? You will probably want to be able to lean against it.
  • Does the headboard fit into the overall design and theme of the bedroom? If it doesn’t fit the overall bedroom decor and accessories, then it becomes pointless.
  • Does the headboard suit your pocket? One of the most important issues when buying bedroom furniture.
  • The size of the bedroom. A larger bedroom lends itself to a larger headboard.

Headboards can be a money saver, if you can’t afford to buy an entire bedroom set, you can still get away with purchasing just a headboard and baseboard with mattress and nobody will be any wiser. A headboard can make a meaningful impact on any bedroom decor without breaking the bank.

At The Mattress Warehouse, you will find headboards to fit any size – it doesn’t matter if your bed is a single, three-quarter, double, queen or king, we have the headboard to fit your bed and bedroom layout.

When contemplating the layout and design of your perfect bedroom you need to not only consider the right headboard but also ensure that your bedroom set including side tables, bedroom linen and other accessories complement them to make up the perfect bedroom.

Headboards can transform your bedroom into a comfort zone – browse through the bedroom furniture and accessories that, together with your headboard, will enhance your bedroom.

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