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Rest Assured Mattresses

Rest Assured is a South African bed manufacturer renowned for producing high-quality mattresses designed for all sleep styles. The company had its start in 1979 and has since grown by leaps and bounds to become one of the favoured bed brands of choice in the country. Rest Assured mattresses are a very reliable brand that has built a trusted reputation for producing a product that is always manufactured to meet the highest standards. Currently, Rest Assured has factories in Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Pretoria as well as in Cape Town, so Rest Assured mattresses are available throughout the country.
Rest Assured

Every Rest Assured mattress made is designed with your comfort and your support in mind; and in order to ensure that your Rest Assured bed will always meet  the right standards, every component within the bed is manufactured personally by the team at Rest Assured. 

This means the quality of the bed is always great quality and guaranteed. The brand is well aware of the fact that quality sleep is important for good health so this is top-of-mind when the Rest Assured mattresses are designed and manufactured.

Superior Spring Support System

The Rest Assured mattresses have three types of spring support. These are:

  • Matrix Infinite Coil
  • Evolution Pocket Spring
  • Heritage Bonnell Coil

Each of these spring systems are incorporated into the design in order to provide superior sleeping support. This type of design is also excellent for reducing the disturbances caused by the nightly movements, or motion transfer, of a sleeping partner. The Matrix Infinite Coil, in particular, is not only designed to support you but it is also able to minimise any aching pressure points caused when you’re lying down on a mattress.

3 Reasons to Buy a Rest Assured Mattress

There is a wide range of beds, available in all sizes, which are designed to support bodies of different weights and types. This makes Rest Assured, in many ways, the ideal bed to purchase. However, before you start your mattress shopping, consider the following Rest Assured facts:

1) These beds have superior quality. They are made with double-tempered coils, which are guaranteed to provide the bed with extra durability and a firm, solid bed to support almost any weight.

2) Each bed is made with fabrics and foams that make the bed luxuriously soft and comfortable. 

3) The bed brand guarantees great customer service should you experience any problems and they really make sure that you’re satisfied with their product.

The Infinity Range of Rest Assured Mattresses

The Infinity range of Rest Assured Mattresses are certainly luxurious and they are made from the very best foams and fabrics. These beds are made using the very latest technology, ensuring that you always have superb comfort and value for money. 

The Mattress Warehouse also stocks the following bed styles, which form part of the Infinity Range:

  • Body Balance Beds
  • Body Care Beds 

The Body Balance Bed will give you the maximum amount of comfort with an increased pressure distribution system and 150% more working coils. The bed is also fitted with a memory gel filling, interlocking coils and a tempered support system. These mattresses are also no turn, making maintenance a breeze. The bed is designed to support weights of up to 130kg’s and comes with a 20-year warranty. 

The Body Care Bed has all of the same features of the Body Balance Bed, but it has a weight limitation, where it only supports weights of up to 110kg’s. There is a 15-year warranty.

The Cover Concept Range of Beds

The Cosmic Bed is part of the Cover Concept Bed range and there are a number of benefits unique to this bed type. The bed is designed in such a way that the temperature can be regulated. This is because it’s made with fabrics and foams that allow the air to flow through it. The ventilation ensures that a sleeping person never gets too hot. This also allows for body heat to be evenly distributed. The Cosmic Bed has memory foam and heat tempered coils created to be extra tough, which gives the bed lasting durability.

Rest Assured Mattresses at The Mattress Warehouse

You can find a wide range of top-quality mattresses and beds for sale at The Mattress Warehouse. The Rest Assured brand is an excellent choice for comfort and support. Shop online to buy a Rest Assured mattress or visit one of our warehouses located countrywide.