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30/11/2023 Congratulations to Amber Bunn from Bellville, you have won the Cloud Nine Ortho Spine Queen bed valued at R11999!

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Three Quarter Flat Sheets

Our beds come in many different styles and sizes to suit your unique sleeping needs and your bedroom layout. If you need some help deciding what bed size is perfect for you, take a look at our bed size guide.

Flat Sheets
Three Quarter

Find the Finest Three Quarter Flat Sheets Online

The three quarter flat sheet is ideal for anyone wanting to give their bed that little extra something. A flat sheet can make your bed more comfortable while it can also give the bed a beautiful finished off look. At The Mattress Warehouse, we stock more than just the biggest range of best beds for sale in South Africa. We also stock all of the best accessories, to make your bed extra comfortable. Our collection of flat sheets are available for all bed sizes and are made from the best materials.

Made from poly cotton and cotton, with just the right thread count to make it a comfortable addition, your three quarter flat sheet will be extra soft.

Should you have a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and a duvet?

The flat sheet is quite different than a fitted sheet, in that it completely lacks elastic edging. A flat sheet, also known as a top sheet, might need a little more effort to place on the bed but it does create a little bit of extra protection for your duvet cover or comforter. Flat sheets can be used as a fitted sheet but generally, they become an extra layer between your duvet and the bottom sheet.

There are a lot of people who prefer to have a fitted sheet, flat sheet and duvet cover combo, but then there are many people who don’t. But when you have all three accessories, you can enjoy a number of benefits. First off, your bed is going to have a really nice, finish off look. This is something that hotels and guest houses should strive for because of the importance of the first impression.

Having a flat sheet can also make your bed more comfortable, especially in the summer months when it’s just too hot for a duvet but just too cool for nothing at all.

So, do you really need a top sheet?

It’s one of those debates that doesn’t really have a right or wrong answer. While the European style is to just have the fitted sheet and a duvet, the American style is to include a flat sheet. South Africans are a combination of the two. Some of us like to have a flat sheet while others do not. And there is no right or wrong way to have your bed. It is all about what you prefer.

How can you decide if a flat sheet is for you?

The best way to decide is by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Are you a low maintenance kind of person? If the answer is yes, then you might want to skip having a three quarter flat sheet.
  • Do you share a bed and does your partner want a flat sheet? If your partner does not want a flat sheet, then you might have to compromise.
  • Finally, is this something that you really want? If not, then save your money.

You can buy one of our top quality three quarter flat sheets directly from our online shop.