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Double Extra Length Beds

The double bed is a more common bed for adults. Providing enough space for a couple to comfortably sleep on while also ideal for those single people who love to have the extra sleep space, a double bed remains the most popular bed size on today’s market. What you might find, however, is that a double bed does not provide the length needed, should you be on the taller side. Double XL beds are the obvious choice when you are looking to add a little extra length. These beds are ideal for use in the home as well as in accommodation facilities.
Double Xl

Double XL Beds available from The Mattress Warehouse

The double XL bed doesn’t add a huge amount of length, but it does add just enough for those who are over 6 feet tall.

Making sure that you have more than enough leg space means you never again have to compromise on your sleeping position. You will get the quality sleep that your body really needs when you have a bed that is the right length and is supporting your body in just the right ways. Because you can choose your double XL bed from some of the biggest bed brand names, you are guaranteed to always have the option to buy the bed that is ideal for your body and your sleep preferences.

The best mattresses are designed to have a number of features which contribute to the comfort and support that the bed will give to your body, and that is exactly what you will find when you buy one of the beds from The Mattress Warehouse. Selecting the right bed from one of the best bed brands means you will always be resting well. A good quality bed will stay in a good condition for many years, meaning you will never have to worry too much about your sleep furniture.

Double XL beds are always a good choice for hotels and other accommodation facilities. You never know what your guests sleep needs are so it is important to buy an XL bed as a safety precaution. The extra few centimetres (generally beds are 188cm in length but with XL beds the length is increased to 200cm) might not be immediately noticeable but your taller guests will certainly appreciate it.

If you are buying the bed for yourself, why compromise by buying a bed that isn’t right for your height? There is not much of a price difference between the double XL bed and the normal double bed.

Things to consider when buying a double XL bed

  1. You will always have to be sure that you are buying your linen in the right length. Linen is costly so making a mistake with the length is not an option.
  2. Make sure that you have enough room space for that little bit of extra length.
  3. Browse through the various bed brands properly before you make your final choice.

The Mattress Warehouse only stocks the best bed brands and your double XL bed could be selected from these bed companies:

  • Sealy Beds
  • Serta Beds
  • Universe Bedding
  • Edblo Beds

You can buy your new bed right now by shopping online or you can visit our warehouse shop today! Let our consultants help you find the right double XL bed.

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