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Single Beds

Single beds are the most common bed size in South Africa. They are the first bed that most of us have when we are children, designed to support growing bodies and helping us to rest. Single beds are always going to be a very popular choice of bed for children, especially since there is such a variety of single mattresses that are just perfect for the specific sleep needs of a child. The single bed is not just for the growing child. Adults living on their own with limited space might find that the single bed is a perfectly comfortable fit.

Single Beds for sale

After a comparison of the mattress that you have on the bed, your sleep can be just as high quality on a single bed as it is when sleeping on a double or king-size bed. Sleep quality is always going to be a priority before bed size and look.  Just because a bed is designed for one person to sleep on, the price difference only due to size difference doesn’t mean that you have to skimp on quality.

Standard Single Bed Size in cm and Dimensions

  • 91 cm in width
  • 188 cm in length 

In South Africa, the standard bed size for a single bed is a width of 91 cm and a length of 188cm. ( this the world standard for single beds in centimetres) While this is the standard size, the bed can be given an extra bit of length so you will find single beds on the market that have a length of 200cm. An interesting fact about single beds is that if you put two side by side you have the same size as a king-sized bed.

Where to use single beds

Although considered great for a child’s bed, there are more uses to the bed than just that. Single beds are ideal for hostel students and backpacker accommodation while they are also quite a nice choice if you are looking for a comfortable yet cheap day bed. With the right bed frame, your single bed can be easily adapted to fit into living room space. Buy today! If you are looking for a bed to put in your guest room, a single bed is always a good option to consider. Guest rooms will be more often than not be empty of guests, so it is likely that your guest room doubles as an office space or perhaps a gym. A single bed will not take up that much space and so your guest bedroom will not be wasted space.

Taking care of your single bed

With the right care, a single bed will give you many years of use. As your children grow up, you can pass the bed from child to child and then have it in your guest room; this bed will always have a place in your home if you take proper care of it.

Use these helpful tips to get the most out of your bed:

  • Air your mattress and keep it clean. It is so important to keep your mattress fresh because an unclean mattress can lead to allergens and other unpleasant factors affecting your sleep. To start off, make sure that your mattress is regularly aired and regularly cleaned. Stains cannot always be avoided, especially when you have children, but if you take action quickly, the stain won’t be that bad.
  • Keep your mattress rotated if you have a rotatable mattress. Not all mattresses need this treatment, but should yours be one that does, be sure that you do this as often as necessary. Rotating and flipping mattresses help to keep them comfortable.
  • Buy a mattress protector, you won’t regret it. To give your mattress the best possible protection, this is always a good idea. A mattress protector will prevent your mattress’ precious fabrics from being ruined.
  • Make sure you don’t need an extra length single bed size. Refer to our single beds’ dimensions and size in cm.

Select your favourite bed brand

Single beds for sale are available from the biggest and most trusted bed brands in the world. You can buy a single bed from The Mattress Warehouse, and our massive selection means you will get the mattress you really want.

Currently, these are some of the most popular single beds for sale:

  • Ruby Firm
  • Majestic Tiffany
  • Genessi Dream Rest
  • Cloud Nine Posture Foam
  • Rest Assured Vito Matrix
  • Strandmattress Dream Me
  • Serta Thornbury
  • Edblo Sienna Pillow

Need a single bed? We have you covered. Buy your bed online from The Mattress Warehouse or visit our various bedding factory shops in Cape Town, bedding factory shops in Durban and many other cities in South Africa. We provide free nationwide delivery and a 100 night in-home trial.

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