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Edblo Mattresses

Our beds come in many different styles and sizes to suit your unique sleeping needs and your bedroom layout. If you need some help deciding what bed size is perfect for you, take a look at our bed size guide.

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Edblo Mattresses: Proudly South African since 1927

Edblo mattresses are an old South African bed manufacturing brand and have been making high-quality beds since 1927. Using the tried and tested materials, Edblo has become one of the most trusted bed ranges in South Africa. The beds are affordable and are made with high-quality materials. With over 80 years of experience in the bed manufacturing industry, Edblo is arguably one of the most popular brands and with their range, there is an option for everyone.

Each of the Edblo beds is built to be long-lasting and to also offer you great comfort and support. Their designs are made to last while giving you lasting comfort. The Mattress Warehouse is a proud supplier of these beds and currently stocks a few of the nation’s favourites. Edblo mattresses are available in 3 ranges, the Pocket Collection, the Energiser Range and the Crown Range.

Edblo mattresses are not just for the home, they are just as great when being used in the hotel industry. Guests will love to sleep on these beds and because these beds are always high quality, you won’t have to worry about them being damaged after only a few months, or even a few years, of use.

Selecting the right Edblo mattresses

When you are browsing through your Edblo options there are a few standout beds in each range that you should take a careful look at and consider investing in.

  • The Pocket Collection

Within the Pocket Collection, there are two great beds for you to choose from; the Calibre and the Panache. The Pocket Collection’s signature feature is the pocket coil technology that is used to provide extra support and superior luxury. Each of the springs within these beds is individually wrapped and kept separately. This means that when pressure is applied to the bed, the springs move individually. This makes the beds in this collection ideal for those who are sharing a bed as any disturbance will be minimized. Individually wrapped pocket coils will also not damage the fabrics and fibres within the bed.

The Pocket Collection is a fantastic option for those looking for more support from their beds.

  • The Energiser Collection

Looking for the kind of comfort that will last all night? While some beds might lose their comfort after a few hours of laying on them, the beds within the Edblo Energiser range are designed purely with your comfort in mind. Within each of the beds in this range is the ComfiCoil Spring System. This system is guaranteed to provide extra strength and extra firmness to the mattress which then creates a balance of comfort and strength while reducing any disturbance from moving partners.

  • The Crown Range

The final range of beds available from Edblo is the Crown Range. The beds within this collection are no turn mattresses which makes them very low maintenance. Within the beds is the Bonnell Spring System, which is used throughout the world.

Many of the beds within the Edblo Range come with a warranty and each of the beds are made of only the very best fabrics and fibres.

The Mattress Warehouse stocks famous South African brands high-quality beds. If you are looking for Edblo mattresses, we have some of the best for sale at affordable prices.