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Three Quarter Beds

When a child outgrows their single bed or if you are looking for a bigger bed but one that is a happy medium between the single and the double, you have the three quarter. This is a bed that is rather popular, especially as a bed for the growing teenager. It is more affordable than jumping to a double bed when there is no need just yet. Three-quarter beds for sale are available in some of the world’s biggest bed brand names and these days your selection means finding a bed that can fully support the sleeping.
Three Quarter

Three-Quarter beds for sale from The Mattress Warehouse

It might be a bed that is still a popular choice for the growing child but keep in mind that even your teen could also do with a bigger bed. The three-quarter bed might just give them that extra space to sprawl out their growing limbs. If the bed is for you, perhaps this is the ideal choice when your bedroom is on the smaller side and you still want space after you have put the bed into the room.

Just like any other bed, these beds can be very stylish in appearance. Many of the bed frames that are available are designed to look as great as they are comfortable. You can select different designs, different colours and bed frames made from different materials such as wood or steel. This extra quality means your three-quarter bed will fit perfectly in your home.

The three-quarter beds for sale in South Africa are designed to be 107cm wide and 188cm long. These beds, just like the single and the double, can be given an extra length of 200cm for the taller person. Although this bed is only around 16cm wider than your single bed, this extra bit of width can make all the difference by offering you a bigger sleeping area.

Taking care of your new bed

When you buy a new bed, you can get many years of good use out of it when you are committed to taking good care of it A well taken care of bed means not just making sure that the mattress is cleaned and protected, but it also means taking care of your bed frame as well. Most bed frames need little to no maintenance, but a wooden bed frame will need a dust or polish while you will need to check your metal frame for scratches in the paintwork.

Here are some tips for keeping your bed in good condition

  1. Buy a mattress protector. While you are shopping for your mattress, make sure you include a mattress protector with your purchase. The best mattress protectors are both breathable and waterproof. These protectors are designed to keep mildew, dust and bed bugs away.
  2. Make sure you are buying the proper bed frame. Your frame will be the foundation to good sleep because it is what supports the mattress and helps to make sure that your mattress’ features can be fully experienced.
  3. Keep your bed linens clean. To help keep the fabrics and fibres of your mattress in a good condition, you can start by making sure that your linens are always kept fresh. Sweat, oils and skin cells, as well as having your pets on your bed, can damage your mattress if you are not keeping the linens clean.
  4. Don’t allow jumping on the bed. If the three-quarter bed is for a child or a teenager, then make sure that there is no jumping on the bed. The inner springs and the specific foams can be badly damaged.

Choose your three-quarter beds from the best brands

To help you make the best choice for your bed, The Mattress Warehouse stocks one of the widest varieties of bed brands for three-quarter beds in South Africa. With such a selection, you can find the bed that is best for supporting your sleeping body.

At the moment, these are just some of the popular three-quarter beds for sale:

  • Cloud Nine Travel Flex
  • Cloud Nine Posture Foam
  • Edblo Asteria
  • Fabbro Siena
  • Fabbro Bocelli
  • Universe Bedding Future Health
  • Serta Donnington
As just a small sample of the many beds that we have for sale, you can browse through our full selection by having a look through the products listed on this page. When you find the bed you want, you can buy online or visit us at our factory shop today!

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