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Queen Mattresses

While the double bed provides great support and, generally, more than enough space, when you are looking for more room, it is the queen size mattresses that you really want. The queen size mattress is ideal for all sleep needs, but only when you buy the one that is perfect for your body. One thing to always keep in mind when buying your new bed is to review what unique your sleep needs are.

Choose Queen Size Mattresses from Our Selection

Adults, in particular, will find that queen size mattresses are great, should they be looking for a little more sleeping space. The wider sleeping area of a good quality mattress, along with a supportive bed base, might be just what you need to ensure that you get the type of sleep that you deserve.

Queen size beds are manufactured by some of the biggest bed brands. Both South African bed brands, as well as popular overseas brands, can provide you with the kind of queen size mattress that will support you in all the right ways. Not only will you find a bed that supports you, but you will also find that the bed is more than just great for sleeping on. It is also one of the most beautiful pieces of furniture for your home.

Not only will you find the best bed that supports you, but you will also find that the bed is more than just great for sleeping on. It is also one of the most beautiful pieces of furniture for your home.

The way to get the most out of your mattress lies when you make a comparison when buying the right bed base. These days, bases, or frames, are made to look simply beautiful. Designed out of wood or steel, bed frames will help you to be creative with the look of your bedroom.

Queen size mattresses dimensions

As mentioned before, the queen size bed is a great deal bigger than the two most popular beds on the market, namely the single and the double bed. In recent years, more people have been looking for something more in terms of their bed size, and so queen beds, as well as king-size beds, have become more popular.

These are the queen size mattress dimensions in cm:

  • 152cm in width
  • 188cm in length

These are the standard sizes that you will find when buying a bed in South Africa. When you are browsing through these beds for sale, the size of your bedroom must always be kept in mind. A queen-size bed is going to take up quite a bit of space. Preferably, these beds are for bigger bedrooms but don’t be discouraged by the size of your bedroom, just be sure you have done some measuring before you buy the bed.

Protecting your new mattress

We always say that buying a new mattress is like making an investment. You want the bed to last a long time and you want it to stay in a pristine condition for as long as you have it. While the general lifespan of a bed is 7 years, it is possible to get more than 7 years of good use from it. These tips might help:

  • Invest in a quality mattress protector. These days, there are some really good mattress protectors on the market (you can purchase a mattress protector from The Mattress Warehouse). These protectors will prevent spills as well as potential allergens and dust mites from settling on the bed.
  • Try to avoid sitting on the edge of the bed. To ensure that the bed remains in a good shape, sometimes it is best to not sit on the edges as this can damage the bed.
  • Be sure to give your bed a regular clean. Airing your mattress and making sure that it gets the occasional vacuum will give it a longer lifespan.

Selecting queen size mattresses from our beds for sale

With one of the biggest selections of queen size mattresses for sale in South Africa, The Mattress Warehouse has the bed you need. You can buy your bed online or you can visit one of our shops. We stock some of South Africa’s favourite bed brands and with our selection, you will be able to make easy prices and brand comparisons.

We stock bed sets as well as mattresses and bed bases separately. As the biggest suppliers of bed brands such as Genessi beds, Sealy beds, Serta beds, Fabbro beds, Edblo beds, and Cloud Nine beds, our range will provide your body with the right amount of comfort and support.

Buy your new quality bed from The Mattress Warehouse and be sure to talk to us about a warranty for your bed.

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