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King Beds

Also known as the big daddy of beds the "King Size Beds" are in huge demand, and we offer the best prices on warranty backed king sizes beds including free delivery. Available from some of South Africa’s best-known bed brands as well as from those international brands known for their wonderfully comfortable beds, the king-size bed is made for those who really love their sleep. Best of all it is on SALE NOW. These beds are just the perfect size for those who enjoy spreading out when they sleep and although the beds are made to be quite large, they don’t for a moment skimp on quality.

Buy a king-size bed and enjoy the freedom of more space – On sale now!

Every inch of these beds is made to support your sleeping body and accommodate your unique sleeping needs.

King Size Bed Dimensions and Measurements in cm

  • Length in cm – 188cm
  • Width in cm – 183 cm

This bed is given the honour of being named king because it is the biggest bed you can buy. When you are making bed space your priority, you will certainly want to take price into consideration, seeing that the logical way to think is that size is equal to price. Depending on the brand that you settle on, you might find that the price is not drastically different from that of a queen or double bed.

Body support should come before bed size. If you are choosing a new mattress with your body support in mind, then making sure you buy a supportive bed is the most important choice you will make. A mattress is designed to give you the best sleep possible. So when you are thinking about buying a new king size bed, you should consider brands like Serta, Fabbro, Genessi and Rest Assured. The best bed brands on the market are those that are designed with the very best fabrics, foams and supportive springs.

The standard size and dimensions for a king-size bed is 183cm x 188cm in length ( standard dimensions ), making it an almost perfect square. As this is such a large bed, you need to make sure that you measure your bedroom before you make your purchase. Many modern homes have smaller than average bedrooms and you will want to make sure your bed fits before you buy it.

If you and your partner are interrupting each other’s sleep by tossing and turning, buying a king-size bed is the best choice you will ever make. With this kind of sleeping space, and by choosing a memory foam or similar mattress, you will never again have to worry about waking each other up during the night. If your budget is accommodating and you have enough space, the king-size bed and base can be a real winner.

Although the price of your bed and base is going to be your biggest determining factor, you will find that with the numerous bed brands currently manufacturing king size beds, there is a bed to fit your budget. When you buy a bed that has been produced by a leading bed manufacturer, you will be saving in the long run as your bed is guaranteed to have a long lifespan. You want to get value for money, so if you are going to invest in a king-size bed, make sure that it is the kind of bed that will easily support your body.

Take care of your bed to get the most out of your King Size Bed.

Although your king-size bed is more than likely made from nothing but the very best materials, there are a few things that you can do to help ensure that your bed gives you more than a few good years of use. Here are a few tips for keeping your mattress in a great condition:

  1. Buy that mattress protector when you are buying your mattress from The Mattress Warehouse. By adding the protector to your list, you will have peace of mind knowing that unexpected spills and other mishaps won’t go through to your delicate mattress fabrics.
  2. Air out your mattress as often as possible. This means stripping the sheets and letting the mattress air out while giving your mattress a vacuum will not go amiss.
  3. If your bed is rotatable and can be flipped, be sure to do this as often as needed.

H2: We stock the most popular King beds around

With such a variety of beds for sale, you are spoiled for choice. Chatting to a consultant and doing some research online can help you to make the right decision the first time around.

Some of the king-size beds, mattresses, and bases currently available from The Mattress Warehouse include:

  • Genessi Dream Rest
  • Fabbro Milan
  • Sealy Crown Jewel
  • Sealy Posturepedic Serowe Gel Push
  • Serta Kingsley Comfort Top
At The Mattress Warehouse, our variety of mattresses for sale will guarantee that you are able to find the perfect king-sized bed for your sleep needs. Buy your new bed online today or visit our shop. King Size Beds – Shop Now! Ask us in-store regarding your perfect size king bed in cm. We also stock king sizes beds extra length.

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