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Our beds come in many different styles and sizes to suit your unique sleeping needs and your bedroom layout. If you need some help deciding what bed size is perfect for you, take a look at our bed size guide.



Fabbro Beds & Mattresses

Fabbro Mattresses for sale online

Imported from Italy and now available at The Mattress Warehouse, the Fabbro mattress collection is the best example of fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. These Fabbro mattresses are manufactured by a company that boasts 50 years of expertise in the bed industry and each collection is unique. Taking care of your sleep needs, allowing you to lay back in the kind of comfort you deserve, the Fabbro bed is all about providing you with the right amount of support. Each mattress within the various Fabbro collections is designed to be a high-quality reflection of this company’s dedication to becoming the very best mattress on the market. Looking for a comfortable, high durability mattress that requires little maintenance? You need a Fabbro.

When you adorn your bedroom with one of the many Fabbro mattresses for sale, you can wave goodbye restless, uncomfortable nights. But it is not just about the comfortable mattress, it is also about the stylish bed base. Adding a certain flare to your home, the bed base is crafted to become a part of your bedroom furniture. With innovation, dedication and many years of experience in making their bed products, Fabbro mattresses are designed to last you close to a lifetime.

The Fabbro mattresses collections to choose from

When shopping for Fabbro mattresses for sale, you will have the option of 8 beds separated into 2 collections. The Grand Collection and the Classic Collection include beds that are protected with guarantees and warranties, which contributes to the beds having a really long lifespan and remaining durable and low maintenance. The beds are made with a selection of spring systems designed to respond to the body. And to provide the ultimate amount of comfort, the famous luxurious knit fabric and SABS foam is also used. Each bed is put together with pure comfort technology and each is given the finishing touch with a designer bed base that you are going to love having under your bedroom.

One of the greatest features of this bed is that the mattress is created using breathable fabrics and fibres, which will keep the bed fresh. At the forefront of this bed manufacturer’ goals is the desire to create a bed that beats all others in terms of comfort. The choice of fabrics and fibres are done with your nightly movements in mind. This means that when sleeping on a Fabbro, with each toss and turn, the bed will move with you, guaranteeing your comfort.

A closer look at the Fabbro mattresses for sale

The Classic Collection includes the Treviso Pocket, the Siena, the Milan, and the Venezia pocket beds.

The Milan, the Modena and the Siena bed have very similar designs and are made from similar materials. Each of the beds is exceptionally durable and each bed is fit with a spring system to improve the comfort of the bed. These beds are covered in a tough but luxurious knit fabric and to give the bed extra comfort and support they have an extra foam layer.

The Modena bed differs slightly from the others by having a Smart Active Cell Support system, again for extra sleeping support. The Siena bed also has a few differences, with the main difference being the memory sense technology.

The other two beds in the Classic Collection are the Venezia and the Treviso beds which are similar in many ways while different in others. The Treviso bed has features such as the zoned compression area, which is designed to give your body extra amounts of comfort while also contributing to the bed’s durability. The linen in the bed also contributes to greater sleep as the natural linen and bamboo blend keeps the bed cool during the night.

The Venezia bed has many of the features included in the Treviso bed but it differs in that it has memory foam.

Then there is the Grand Collection. With beds such as the Grand Splendour, the Grand Elegance and the Grand Royal, you are going to fall back in love with your bed. These beds include features such as organic woollen cashmere covers, pocket zones, and memory foam while all have a quality base.

Fabbro beds are available from The Mattress Warehouse. At an affordable price, you can own your very own piece of sleep luxury that will change the way that you think about sleep.