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Single Mattresses

Certainly South Africa’s most popular bed size, the single mattress is great for children as well as those who are looking to save a little space in their bedrooms. At The Mattress Warehouse, you can buy single mattresses in South Africa, all at great prices! The reason for the popularity with these mattresses lies with their affordability as well as the fact that they are the starting bed for most children. When paired with a comfortable mattress, these are the ideal beds for growing bodies.

Quality Single Size Mattresses for Sale

But it would be a mistake to think that the single mattress is just for children. Those who have limited space and feel they don’t need a bigger bed, as well as hostels and backpackers accommodation, can all benefit from buying the right kind of single bed. You can enjoy great sleep when you have a single bed, so long as you choose the right, high-quality mattress and a supportive bed base. With the single bed price, you can afford a great quality mattress. One bit of advice we give all of our customers is to always go for a quality mattress, which is both comfortable as well as supportive of your sleep needs.

The Standard Single Mattress Sizes: Know the dimensions before you buy

As part of your research into buying a new mattress, you need to know the single bed dimensions that are available. In South Africa, we have the following standard single bed dimensions:

  • 91 cm in width
  • 188 cm in length 

For singles beds, these centimetres are not just standard in South Africa but they are in fact, the global standard for the single mattress. Should you need the bit of extra length, it can always be added to give the mattress a length of 200cm. This makes it the ideal bed for growing children reaching their teenage years as well as adults who need some extra legroom.

Are you asking, “Where can I buy single beds near me?” You can find one of the biggest ranges of single mattresses in South Africa at The Mattress Warehouse, giving you the opportunity to review models and make a comparison, read up on reviews and find the specials.

Where does the single mattress fit best?

The answer to this, is just about anywhere you could possibly need it to. The single mattress is the best for all types of sleeping situations. As a child’s bed to the perfect bed for school and backpackers’ hostels, the single mattress has a place everywhere. If you are using a single bed for your child and you are wondering what you will do with it once your child has outgrown it, or wants a bigger bed, don’t fret! A single mattress is a perfect excuse to have your very own day bed. The single bed and mattress are also great for the guest bedroom!

Choose your bed from our single mattress collection

When you are buying your new bed from The Mattress Warehouse, you will find that we have one of the biggest selections of the world’s most favourite bed brands both online and in-store! By browsing through our massive selection, you will be able to find the single bed that you actually want, instead of settling for the one you might not like.

Looking to buy a single bed in South Africa? Check out our current popular beds!

  • Ruby Firm
  • Majestic Tiffany
  • Genessi Dream Rest
  • Cloud Nine Posture Foam
  • Rest Assured Vito Matrix
  • Strandmattress Dream Me
  • Serta Thornbury
  • Edblo Sienna Pillow

With so many other single size mattresses for you to look at on our website or see in our store, you are spoiled for choice. Find your ideal single mattress from The Mattress Warehouse today and either shop online or visit one of our mattress factories.

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