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30/11/2023 Congratulations to Amber Bunn from Bellville, you have won the Cloud Nine Ortho Spine Queen bed valued at R11999!

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Restonic Mattresses

Is it time to buy a brand new mattress? If you’re looking for a good-quality mattress then look no further than the Restonic Mattresses brand. Restonic, which is SABS approved, is highly valued for its comfort and support. Restonic Mattresses prices are also exceptionally affordable. So, if you value quality but don’t have a large budget, we highly recommend considering Restonic as your top choice for an affordable mattress that ticks all boxes.

Buy Affordable Restonic Mattresses Online

Each Restonic mattress is manufactured using quality materials and the latest technology. The Restonic brand has been designed to accommodate a person’s sleep needs, which is what makes the mattress so unique. In each Restonic mattress, there is a special support system consisting of a number of posture support bars, designed to provide you with the right amount of support.

Free shipping when you buy a Restonic Mattress online

You can buy high-quality, affordable Restonic Mattresses online when you shop at The Mattress Warehouse. Once you have made your purchase, we will deliver the bed to your home, a perk that you can enjoy when you shop using our online store. Free delivery will save you both time, money and energy.

The Restonic Mattress Features

To help you make your comparisons, here are a few of the great features of Restonic Mattresses? 

  • Patented Marvellous Middle – provides support to the centre of the mattress where it is often needed
  • No-flip – you will not be required to turn or flip this type of mattress in order to increase its longevity
  • Comfort layers – are built in to both sides of the Restonic Mattress, which will improve the life expectancy of the product
  • Bamboo fabric – is used to keep the mattress cool and it also reduces allergy sensitivities and bedroom odours
  • Luxury import fabric – are woven together during the manufacturing process, which keeps the mattress cool in the summer months and warm during winter
  • Laminated fabric – enhances the aesthetic silhouette of your mattress but is also designed to improve the durability of the product
  • Cushion pillow top – for superior comfort
  • Poly-wool technology – is used in the manufacture of the Restonic mattress. This feature assists in regulating the sleeper’s body temperature, so you won’t overheat when sleeping
  • Airzone foam – provides air to regulate through high-density, porous foam layers, improving contouring of the body’s shape and relieving any discomfort caused by pressure points
  • Latex foam – for correct body alignment
  • Memory foam layers – for help the Restonic mattress keep its original shape and mould to your body’s unique sleeping position

Restonic Mattress Spring Support Systems

The Restonic brand uses a number of tried and tested spring systems to provide sleepers with advanced comfort and support. There are three main spring support system used:

1) Classic Bonnell Spring System 

2) Bazooka Dual Spring System 

3) Nested Pocket Spring System

4) iPocket Spring System 

Restonic mattresses also come with two types of bases: the firm top base and the fluted floating base. Both of these are stylish and decorative options that offer you a solid foundation to support your new mattress and extend its life span. 

Buy a Restonic Mattress from one of our Countrywide Locations

The Mattress Warehouse, in addition to providing safe and secure online shopping support for our customers, also have a number of warehouses located around South Africa. Buy a mattress in Nelspruit, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban or Polokwane. Find a warehouse close to you or shop online for your next Restonic Mattress.