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King Extra Length Beds

King Size Extra Length (XL) Beds - Manufactured by all of the world’s favourite bed brands, the king-size bed is the biggest bed on market. Combining plenty of sleeping space with a well-made mattress means instantly improved sleep. A king-size bed is designed for those who love their sleep but need more space than most. With more than enough space for you and a partner, to spread out, these beds are designed to support your sleeping body and more importantly, they will support your back.
King Xl

King XL Beds for a better sleeping experience

While these beds are likely to be a little more pricey than your double bed, the slight price increase is not so drastic that you won’t be able to afford a new King size bed. Think of this bed as your long-term investment, something that you will enjoy the benefits of for years to come. As the biggest bed, you will never have more space and you are never going to want to sleep on a smaller bed again.

The support that you give your body while sleeping lies completely with the choice of bed brand that you invest in. Supportive beds are the better option to go with because when your body is supported you will sleep comfortably. To ensure that you buy a bed that can actually support your body completely, you need to make sure that you buy your bed from the right bed brand. These days, with so many bed brands on the market, it is much easier to find the right bed for your unique sleep needs.

The standard king size bed is 188cm in length, which is long enough for most people, but should you or your partner be tall and require that extra bit of sleep space, then choosing the King XL bed is a far better option. The King XL bed is given an extra few centimetres in length, making it 200cm meters long. This provides people, whose height is around 2 meters, the right amount of leg space to stretch out on.

The Mattress Warehouse stocks the best bed brands in South Africa, and our King XL beds are manufactured by the world’s most trusted brands.

Tips for choosing the right King XL bed

It is always exciting to choose your new bed. When shopping around, you need to make sure that you select the bed that is not only ideal for your sleep needs but which is also the right quality. So keep this in mind while shopping:

  1. When shopping for linen, always look out for the XL length. Most bed companies stock XL length sheets and duvets.
  2. When selecting your new bed, make sure that you have done your research. Choosing the bed with the right features is most important for your sleep.
  3. The king-size bed is the biggest bed on the market and when you are adding that extra length, you will need to be sure that there is enough space for it in your bedroom.

King XL beds from The Mattress Warehouse will treat you to a great variety of brands to look through and try out. Some of the quality brands that we stock include:

  • Fabbro Beds
  • Sealy Beds
  • Majestic Beds
  • Universe Bedding
Shop for your new bed today by browsing through our online shop or by paying us a visit at our warehouse. Change the way you sleep, buy a King XL bed.

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