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Three Quarter Mattresses

You’ve looked at all the models and read all the reviews and now you have decided to buy three quarter mattresses. If this mattress has ticked all the boxes, making it the best bed for your needs, then you are well on your way to better sleep already. But before you make your purchase, let us tell you a little more about the three quarter mattresses we have for sale. The three quarter bed is one of the more popular mattress sizes on the market.
Three Quarter

Finding Out More About Three Quarter Mattresses

When taking into account the three quarter bed in cm, you will quickly notice that it is actually the perfect bed to purchase for both growing teens and adults. Fitting for any bedroom, as well as hostel and hotel accommodation, our three quarter mattresses for sale, will provide you with one of the biggest selections of top brands.

Just bigger than a single bed, but smaller than a double, the three-quarter bed fits snuggly into bedrooms of all sizes. Because they are not overly big, they are well suited to modern, smaller homes. Single adults and teenagers alike will find that three-quarter mattresses give them the space they need to spread out and enjoy a comfortable nights rest.

Make no mistake in thinking that just because the bed is smaller, it will be lacking style. These days 3 quarter headboards and bed frames are designed to look modern, rustic or just about any other style you might be after. This is another great reason to buy this type of bed. With bed bases of wood or steel, as well as headboards which can be decorated and cover as you please, you will find that your design options are limitless.

The three quarter bed size in cm

In South Africa, as with countries all over the world, there is a standard size for three-quarter beds. The dimensions of the three-quarter models we have for sale are as follows:

  • 107cm in width
  • 188cm in length

When you purchase one of these beds, you will have the option of adding a little extra length, be sure to ask about this option before you buy the three-quarter bed. Another thing to be certain of when you are making your purchase is the warranty. Any bed is going to be an investment, and if you are buying a bed from a quality name brand, you will want to be sure that the bed comes with a warranty.

Don’t rely on the warranty alone, be sure that you treat your new bed with care so as to ensure a long lifespan. Consider using these tips:
  1. Always buy a mattress protector when you buy a new mattress. This will keep your bed safe from mildew, dust and bedbugs, as well as any unfortunate coffee spills. The best mattress protectors will allow air to flow through easily. If you are unsure of your selection, ask one of our consultants.
  2. Buying the best three-quarter bed is simply not enough. Your mattress is only as supportive as your bed frame. Be sure to buy the right kind of bed base and frame to give your body that extra bit of support.
  3. Buy the right type of bed linens. You might not believe it, but the type of linen you buy is going to make a difference to your sleep experience. Be sure to always keep your linen fresh and buy comfortable, quality linen for the three-quarter mattress.

Buy your three-quarter bed from one of these bed brands

In order to do your bed comparison, something that will be necessary even after you have read all the reviews, you should consider paying a visit to a mattress supplier to get a feel for the beds available.

As one of the biggest suppliers of mattresses in South Africa, The Mattress Warehouse has all of the brands you could possibly want to look through. Currently, some of our big brand names include:

  • Genessi Beds
  • Serta Beds
  • Fabbro Beds
  • Sealy Beds
  • Edblo Beds
  • Cloud Nine Beds
  • Strandmattress Beds

Each of these popular brands stocks quality three-quarter mattresses at great prices! So if you are asking yourself, “Where can I find a well-priced three-quarter bed near me?” you need look no further than The Mattress Warehouse. Have a look at our selection above!

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