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Queen Extra Length Mattresses

The queen xl mattresses are really for anyone who is looking to have more sleeping space, but did you know that you can add even more space to your bed should you need to? While the queen bed is not the biggest on the market by comparison, however, it is just the right size for those who are looking for more than what the double bed has to offer.
Queen Xl

Enjoy more Sleep Space with Queen XL Mattresses

These beds are just perfect for both homes and accommodation facilities alike. For couples sharing a bed, on review choosing the queen bed instead of settling for a double might be just what you need for a good night’s sleep. With the additional space, there will be no more bumping into one another during the night and with the extra support and comfort that a quality bed will give you, you will, overall, certainly be enjoying better sleep.

Queen xl mattresses are manufactured by some of the best bed brands and are available at affordable prices. When you decide to buy one of these beds, be sure to read all of the reviews and to do comparisons of both the prices and the brands. Each bed brand has its own distinctive style and each will produce beds that are made with different materials. Having this knowledge will help before you make your purchase.

You’ll enjoy many benefits when you have a queen size mattress, with only one of those benefits being extra space. When you, or your partner, are taller, you will find that having that little bit of extra legroom can really make the sleep experience better. You won’t have to worry about the discomfort of having feet hanging over the edge of the bed.

Queen XL mattresses dimensions

If you are over 1.8 meters, you might want to consider buying the queen size XL mattress. These are the queen XL dimensions in cm:

  • 152cm in width
  • 200cm in length

While it might not seem like much, those extra centimetres can really deal with helping you sleep better. Bear in mind that these beds will require the right linen and duvets, so when out shopping for bed accessories, be sure to buy the right ones.

Helpful tips for when you purchase queen XL mattresses

The end goal of buying a new mattress, regardless of the size, is to enjoy better quality sleep. The right bed will provide you with luxury comfort as well as support for your back, neck, shoulders and legs. You will wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed when you choose the right bed. Try out these tips when you go shopping:

  • Check out reviews and comparisons relating to the model you are looking at. This will be a good place to start your research. Don’t just purchase that bed with the best reviews, visit The Mattress Warehouse to try out the bed before you buy it.
  • Find out about the beds features and whether or not they are what you are looking for.
  • Finally, make extra sure that you are buying the right bed size for your sleep needs.

At The Mattress Warehouse, we have one of the biggest selections of beds in the country. Stocking all of your favourite brands, at low prices, you can improve your sleep.

Buy your new bed online or from one of our mattress factories located throughout the country.

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