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Sleeper Couches

The Mattress Warehouse stocks a wide variety of sleeper couches for you to choose from. If you’re looking for a bed that is space-effective, affordable and easy to set up, then the sleeper couch, or sleeper sofa, is probably the right option for you. Find the right sleeper couch in South Africa at one of our countrywide branches located in major cities, like Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. Or shop online for your convenience.
Sleeper Couches

We stock top-quality products that are both functional and versatile. By day your sleeper couch will fit in perfectly with your living room or guest bedroom’s décor aesthetic and by night you can transform the couch into a comfortable sleeping space for your child or overnight guest.

Why would you need a sleeper couch?

Convenience is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a sleeper couch? It’s certainly the main reason many people choose to invest in this piece of home furniture. The multi-purpose couch bed is a great space-saver if you have a small home or bedroom. It’s also an excellent money-saver if you can’t afford to buy a proper bed at the moment.

The sleeper couch is definitely the right option for students, couples who are just starting out or people who entertain a lot but don’t have the luxury of multiple rooms in their house.

Types of Sleeper Couches

There are many different types of sleeper couches. The Mattress Warehouse has a variety of sleeper sofa beds to suit your particular style. Do you want a cheaper sleeper couch that wraps up and stores easily or would you prefer something more quality-driven that serves as a plush feature piece in your living or dining room? Some of our most popular sleeper sofas are:

1. The Pull-out Couch

What is it? The pull-out sleeper offers an option close to a standard bed. It works by sliding out the base, which is like a hidden mattress, and then folding out the cushions to act as a comfortable support for the sleeper. This type of couch bed can be raised off the ground or sits directly on the floor.

2. The Fold-out or Roll-out Couch

What is it? The fold-out sleeper, also known as the convertible sleeper, does not have that hidden mattress inside the framework like the pull-out couch. Instead, the couch converts into a sleeping surface by making certain adjustments, like folding out the base cushions from the couch to form a mattress. The bed typically rests directly on the floor. There are also trendy fold-out designs available like a corner or L-shaped options.

3. The Click-clack Sleeper Sofa

This type of sleeper couch gets its name from the unique sound it makes when it’s raised or lowered. It doubles as a couch by day and is transformed into a flat, raised sleeping surface by night. It’s also conveniently lightweight, easy to assemble and versatile. The click-clack is perfect for those who move around a lot, don’t have much space and are looking for an affordable sleeper couch option.

The Mattress Warehouse Sleeper Couch Range

We offer the following functionally designed sleeper couches, in different colours and fabrics, for you to choose from:

Pull-out Sleeper Couches

  • Bahama
  • Bosonaco
  • Delt Double Sleeper
  • Delt 3pc (single, corner & double)
  • Delft 3pc (double, corner & double)
  • Ghia Leather Queen
  • Ghia Queen
  • Misty Double
  • Monaco
  • Montrial
  • Moxi Daybed
  • Moxi Double
  • Moxi Lounger
  • Tessa
  • Vintage Double
  • Vintage Leather Queen
  • Villa Junior
  • Villa Leather

Fold-out or Roll-out Sleeper Couches

  • Atlantic
  • Astrid Double
  • Astrid Single
  • Retro
  • Trend
  • Zazzi Double

Click-clack Sofa Bed

  • Louise Grey
  • Rimba
  • Thelma

Sleeper Couches South Africa

Contact The Mattress Warehouse for more information about our wide range of sleeper couches/couch beds, or shop online for your added convenience. We offer free delivery countrywide so you needn’t step foot outside your home! Let The Mattress Warehouse help you with all your bedroom furniture and accessories.