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Strandmattress Mattresses

The Strandmattress forms part of the famous South African Cloud Nine bed brand, which has been in existence since 1968. The Strandmattress has a reliable reputation for being an affordable but high-quality, comfortable bed. Over the years, Cloud Nine has become a leader in the bed and mattress industry and the Strandmattress has become exceptionally popular with customers. The Mattress Warehouse stocks both the Cloud Nine bed range as well as the Strandmattress option within this brand. All of the beds and mattresses produced by Cloud Nine are the embodiment of quality. The most notable features of the Strandmattress is the type of foams used in the manufacture. Interestingly, the mattress was created by the same inventors who first manufactured the revolutionary polyurethane and memory foam for some of South Africa’s biggest and most loved bed brands. As a result, the Strandmattress is exceptionally comfortable and its health benefits go a long way in ensuring you receive a good quality sleep. What’s even better is that the Strandmattress sells at an affordable price that doesn’t price the product out of the market for those with a limited budget.

Strandmattress Range: Four Top Choices

Within the Strandmattress brand, there are 4 prominent ranges that you can choose from. These are:

  • The Bambino range
  • The  Dreamquilt De Luxe range
  • The Dream Me range
  • The Snooze Me range 
  • The Snooze In A Box

All the Strandmattress mattress and beds ranges are available from The Mattress Warehouse. These bed ranges offer all bed sizes, from a single mattress to a queen mattress and even the luxurious king mattress. The products also come with a much welcome guarantee.

The Design of Strandmattress Mattresses

The Airborne range is manufactured with a single layer of polyurethane foam and a high-density foam support in the core of the bed. This will give more support for the posture of a sleeping person. To finish the bed it has a woven damask ticking, contributing to it being hygienic and is allergy free. The Dream Me and Snooze Me range have the same structure as the Airborne range, the biggest difference is the warranty period.

Top Benefits of a Strandmattess

The Strandmattress offers gently firming posture support and comes with the kind of benefits you need for quality sleep. Some of these include:

  • Allergy-free compounds. The Strandmattress is 100% odourless and has antibacterial properties. The manufacturers do not use any chemicals that are known to cause allergic reactions, like hayfeather or sinus congestion.
  • Motion transfer. The mattress provides zero movement transfer because of Cloud Nine’s ‘posture support structure.’ This means that you are not be disturbed by a sleeping partner who tosses and turns during the night.
  • Woven damask ticking. These materials offer a comfortable feel and act as a moisture guard, which increases the lifespan of the mattress. 
  • Top-quality materials. The Strandmattress is manufactured using advanced sleep technology fabrics and structures, like the single or multi-layered reconstituted polyurethane foam that is ideal for proper body support and posture. 

Get in Shape with a Strandmattress from Cloud Nine

Shop for a Strandmattress online with The Mattress Warehouse. We offer free delivery to all major cities. Get in touch with one of the teams to find out more about which Strandmattress will suit your individual sleeping style and needs