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Queen Extra Length Fitted Sheets

Our beds come in many different styles and sizes to suit your unique sleeping needs and your bedroom layout. If you need some help deciding what bed size is perfect for you, take a look at our bed size guide.

Fitted Sheets
Queen Extra Length

Purchase Queen XL Fitted Sheets Online from the Mattress Warehouse

We supply top quality fitted sheets throughout South Africa. Our products are made with cotton and a blend of cotton and polyester, known as polycotton. This fabric is soft and resistant to wrinkles, as well as tears.

Queen XL fitted sheets are 152 cm in width and 200 cm long. Two people can sleep comfortably on a queen size bed, but a queen XL mattress gives you just a bit more room for your legs

The following products are listed in our catalogue of accessories:

  • Basel 500 Thread Count Cotton Fitted Sheet
  • Cotton 250 Thread Count Fitted Sheet
  • Poly Cotton 250 Thread Count Fitted Sheet

You can order all of these queen XL fitted sheets online or buy them in our stores.

The benefits of having a queen XL fitted sheet:

It is shaped to fit around the mattress and doesn’t need much adjustment after someone has slept in the bed. Although a flat sheet can be used in the same manner as a fitted sheet, it moves around quite a bit when you sleep in it. This is why fitted sheets are ideal.

Your mattress is protected from getting dirty. If something spills on your bed, it is much easier to wash a sheet, than go to the trouble of trying to clean a mattress.

Cotton or polycotton linen with a thread count of 200 or more is durable and can be used for many years. The Mattress Warehouse supplies queen XL fitted sheets with high thread counts of either 250 or 500. This means that you can be guaranteed that these affordable fitted sheets are luxurious products.

Everyday items that make stains disappear

Depending on what you have at your disposal when you want to treat the stain, there are many things you can try:

  • If the stain is not oil based, you can rinse it with cold water from behind to try and wash out the stain.
  • Baby powder can be applied to oil stains before washing the sheet the next day. Chalk also works miracles when rubbed onto oil stains a few hours prior to washing it.
  • Hairspray can make a lipstick or even a blood stain vanish within 10 minutes. Just spray it onto the area and use a wet cloth to wipe it off.
  • Some people don’t use fabric softener or stain removing products at all. They simply add vinegar to their washing. It keeps linen soft and acts as a gentle, yet effective stain remover.

Order queen XL fitted sheets online

You don’t have to do anything except click a few buttons in order to get your linen. Our website serves as an online shopping platform. You can purchase any product you like and we’ll deliver it to your door. Speak to an online consultant via the “Chat with us!” function if you need any information about the products we supply.