Steel Beds

The Mattress Warehouse has a selection of traditional and contemporary metal-framed and steel beds for sale. The durability of a steel bed is legendary. So, if you’re looking for some tough stuff, then this is probably the right option for you. Take a look at our product offering or contact us for more information.
Steel Beds


What’s the difference between metal and steel beds?

While these beds are very similar in construct and structure, there is a difference between the two materials. Steel is an alloy made from iron metal, which is a natural element. Metal is a chemical element made up from nonmagnetic, ductile and non-corrosive substances. While steel is a more common building and construction material, metal is just as good an option in this instance.

Why should you buy one?

The metal-framed and steel bed is making a comeback in the minimalist and industrial aesthetic space. It’s also a very good investment if you’re looking to stock a low-cost housing project.

The Mattress Warehouse offers metal and steel beds in both single and double bed sizes. There are also metal-framed triple bunks and steel bunk beds for sale at very reasonable prices.

The 5 benefits of beds made from metal or steel

1. Affordability

The price is always right with this option, especially if you need to buy in bulk to cater for multiple sleepers. Metal or steel beds are one of our most affordable options – leaving you with more cash to spend on buying other essentials, like mattresses, bedding, bedroom furniture and accessories.

2. Durability

The strong, heavy-duty material gives this bed super strength and longevity. This strong bed can withstand use or damage that could probably ruin any other bed. Basically, it’s difficult to break and built to last!

3. Practical

If you need to stock beds for multiple sleepers, like a worker’s hostel, student residence, school dormitory or army-style barracks, then the metal-framed or steel bed is the practical option for this sort of multiple-sleeper, bedroom arrangement.

 4. Lightweight

Although the material is metal or steel based, the beds are surprisingly lightweight and easy to manoeuvre compared to their wooden or upholstered counterparts. This is especially beneficial if you need to move the beds around a bit such as rearrangements for industrial cleaning purposes.

5. Versatility

Steel and metal are conducive to paintwork or add-on additions, so it’s quite possible to use a metal or steel bed as a canvas for some DIY style alterations. If you’re an amateur hobbyist or a professional contractor, you can always alter these beds to create a bespoke or customised design.

Steel Bunk Beds for Sale

These are particularly popular at The Mattress Warehouse and made from top-quality steel or metal. We offer both a steel double bunk bed and a metal triple bunk bed frame. These are ideal for school bedrooms or if you need to accommodate quite a few children in a small room.

Buy Steel Beds from The Mattress Warehouse

If the metal or steel bed has ticked all the checkboxes you require, then visit one of our national stores in major cities, like Cape Town, Durban or Johannesburg to pick out the right one for your sleeping project. Alternatively, you can always shop online and enjoy the free, nationwide delivery that we offer our customers. Contact The Mattress Warehouse for expert mattress or bedroom advice.