Bed Sizes

Bed and Mattress Sizes South Africa

The Mattress Warehouse offers a variety of top-quality beds and mattresses. Our top-quality bed brands are sold at the most affordable prices. We also have an assortment of different mattress sizes to suit every sleeper’s preference.

Bed or Mattress SizeBed Dimensions (cm)Prices Starting From
Single Beds91cm x 188cmR1799
Single Beds Extra Length
91cm x 200cmR2799
Three quarter Beds107cm x 188cm
Three quarter Beds Extra Length107cm x 200cmR2999
Double Beds137cm x 188cmR2199
Double Beds Extra Length137cm x 200cmR3599
Queen Beds152cm x 188cmR3299
Queen Beds Extra Length152cm x 200cmR3999
King Beds183cm x 188cmR4599
King Beds Extra Length200cm x 200cmR5199

The buyer’s guide to choosing a bed or mattress

The size of your bed or mattress has a direct impact on the quality of your sleep and impacts the layout of your bedroom. Guarantee yourself a good night’s rest and improve your bedroom living space by choosing the right size bed or mattress.

Once you start searching for a mattress, you may realise that there are many factors that you need to keep in mind to help you make a good choice.

The most important bed buying considerations are:  


The Bed & Mattress Size Guide

Take a look at our guide to South African bed sizes. Visit one of our local branches to make your bed or mattress selection. We offer free nationwide shipping and 100 day trial period.

Single Bed

A single bed size is an excellent choice for a kid’s bedroom or a spare room because of its smaller size and adaptability.

South African single size bed dimensions are:

  • 91 cm width and 188 cm length

Our single beds and mattresses are ideal for those who need extra space because of a small room size or if you need to accommodate multiple sleepers, like a hostel. And while single beds are smaller and more affordable than larger bed types, they do not lack in quality at the Mattress Warehouse.

View our range of brands for single beds and single mattresses.

Three Quarter Bed

The three-quarter bed is the perfect in-betweener size for a growing teenager or child. They can also be more cost-effective and adaptable for families who don’t want to invest in a double bed straight away.

South African three quarter size bed dimensions are:

  • 107 cm width and 188 cm length

The three quarter bed is one of our most popular customer choices. This bed size offers a little bit more room than a single bed, but still gives you enough space if you’re working with limited bedroom space.

View our range of brands for three quarter beds and three quarter mattresses.

Double Bed

Double beds are arguably the most popular beds in the country. They’re ideal for those who are looking to stretch out and make the most of their sleeping space.

South African double bed size dimensions are:

  • 137 cm width and 188 cm length

The double bed or mattress option is a good choice for those who are sharing their beds with a partner. This is often the best bed size for many people because it fits comfortably fit into any standard bedroom. It’s the bed of choice when it comes to the hospitality industry, being the ideal bed for hotels or bed & breakfasts.

View our range of brands for double beds and double mattresses.

Queen Bed

If you’re looking for a bigger bed where you and your partner can sleep comfortably with that added bit of luxury, then the queen bed is the right size for you.

South African queen size bed dimensions are:

  • 152 cm width and 183 cm length

Queen size beds or mattresses are a good size for all ages and are ideal for a spacious bedroom. The queen sized bed is our most popular bed size for adults sharing a bed.

View our range of brands for queen beds and queen mattresses.

King Bed

If you’re looking for luxury, then look no further than a king size bed or mattress. This is the largest bed size available and is known as the ‘Big Daddy’ of bed sizes. The king bed is always in high demand with the discerning shopper.

South African king size bed dimensions are:

  • 183 cm width and 188 cm length

Imagine never being interrupted while sleeping! The king size bed takes your sleep experience to the next level. If your budget is accommodating and you have enough bedroom space, then a king bed size is a great investment. Complement this with a king size memory foam mattress and you have a real winner!

View our range of brands for king beds and king mattresses.

Special Bed Sizes

Extra Length Beds

The Mattress Warehouse stocks bed brands that can accommodate people who require a little more legroom or space. We provide extra length bed options, which are longer and wider than a standard size bed.

Extra length beds come in the following size dimensions:

Single Beds XL91 cm width and 200 cm length
Three Quarter Beds XL107 cm width and 200 cm length
Double Bed XL137 cm width and 200 cm length
Queen Bed XL152 cm width and 200 cm length
King Bed XL200 cm width and 200 cm length

We also offer extra length mattress sizes. View our range of brands for XL mattresses here.

Adjustable Beds

What is an adjustable bed? This is a bed with a base that can be lowered or raised independently. It’s great if you’d like to raise the bed to read or watch TV or find that perfect comfy spot.

Adjustable beds are also a good health benefit for those with certain medical conditions. Some people may need assisted comfort that provides pain relief or recovery. The Mattress Warehouse stocks the Sealy Posturematic S600 Motion Bed.

Upholstered Bed Bases

An upholstered bed base incorporates material or fabric onto the base as an overlaid padding layer.

View our range of brands for upholstered bed bases here.