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Bed Bases

The Mattress Warehouse offers upholstered bed bases, in neutral colours, using top-quality fabrics. This means you won’t have to purchase any additional bedding or linen to cover the base. Our bases are suitable for all types of mattresses and are designed to provide your mattress with support. The carefully selected tones won’t clash with your unique bedroom style or colours.
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Bed Bases
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Upholstered Bed Bases

The Mattress Warehouse offers a variety of upholstered bed bases to suit your personal bedroom furniture style and mattress sizes ranging from single bed size to king bed size. We have conveniently located branches countrywide and offer nationwide delivery.

What is a bed base?

A bed base is also known as a platform bed. Many mattresses are used in conjunction with a bed base. This is a raised bed frame designed to support the weight of your mattress on its surface. It’s useful if you don’t want to buy a bedstead but need to have your mattress raised off the ground.

Why do you need a bed base?

A mattress and bed base set go hand in hand for a good sleeping experience. There are three main reasons to invest in a base:

  • Improve Sleep health
  • Extend Mattress longevity
  • Enhance Bedroom décor

The bed base is the foundation for your mattress. It provides you with all the support you need when you’re sleeping. A good base will help improve your posture and your sleep quality. Don’t forget that you need to replace your base as often as you replace a mattress. An old or mismatched base can have a detrimental effect on the comfort of your mattress.

Pairing a mattress with a suitable bed base will extend the longevity of your mattress. Because a mattress sits low to the ground it is exposed to the elements, which could cause some wear and tear. So, by raising your mattress it will extend the lifespan and maintain its exterior.

A good bed base will also enhance your bedroom design. Adding a base is a great way to upgrade your bedroom furniture and give it a stunning, classy finish.

Top brands stocked

The Mattress Warehouse has a long-standing relationship with some of the best bed and mattress brands in the world. We stock a variety of mattress and beds for sale. You can shop, by brand, for a bed and mattress like Cloud NineSealy or Restonic. We’re committed to providing you with comfort and support your bedroom needs so visit one of our local branches for expert advice.