Kids Beds

The Mattress Warehouse provides an extensive range of practical and fun kids beds and bedroom furniture sets. Our kids’ beds and bedroom furniture sets help create a perfect environment for your children to sleep and play. There is an extensive range of on-trend beds and kids furniture to suit your budgets and your child's imagination. Whether you are looking for single kids beds, kids bunk beds or even a poster bed or loft bed, The Mattress Warehouse has the bed for your child.
Kids Beds


Some Popular Bedroom Options for a Kid’s Bedroom

  • The most popular option is still the single kids’ bed – usually made with a steel frame or a wooden frame. The single kids’ bed is the most practical and affordable option and can be customised to suit any situation.
  • Kids bunk beds are also popular especially when space is at a premium. Popular bunk bed options that are suitable for a kids bedroom include the single bunk bed, the L-shape bunk bed and the tri-bunk bed.
  • Another fun option is the Princess range of girls bedroom furniture available from The Mattress Warehouse. These are guaranteed to delight any pre-teen girl and are the ideal choice for the pre-teen girl’s bedroom.

Kids’ Bedroom Design Ideas

Looking for a castle bed? Perhaps a sporty race car? Maybe a loft kiddie’s bed to make them feel like they are on top of the world!

When you start decorating your child’s room, The Mattress Warehouse is the best place to start your shopping. With an extensive range of girls bedroom furniture and boys bedroom furniture available, you can take your time to choose some of the best brands on sale now. Important factors to consider are:

  • Is it a girl’s bedroom or a boy’s bedroom? One of our more popular styles for a girl’s bedroom is the princess theme. Boys tend to prefer sportier options like a racing car sleigh bed for example. However, it’s all about what your child prefers. So, there’s no reason why your little girl shouldn’t get her dream sports’ car bed.
  • An important consideration when thinking of the design options for a kids bedroom is the age of the child. At 10 years a Spiderman theme is cool, but at 15 years it’s not cool any more. It often makes more sense to select a bed and bedroom furniture that is more age-neutral and to make use of linen and other bedroom accessories to set the theme. This makes it easier to transition the style and theme of the bedroom as the child grows and matures.
  • Bedside tables, bedside lamps and themed bed sets and linen are an affordable way to set the look and theme for a child’s bedroom. Lighting is an important design element, however, it also needs to be practical and you need to consider whether it’s a night lamp designed to provide security or a bedside lamp that is useful for reading at night.
  • Storage options ranging from a toy box that is used to store a toddler’s toys to bookshelves and tallboys that are essential in any teen’s room.

What to Consider When Buying a Kid’s Bed

  • The Mattress

One of the more important considerations is the choice of mattress. , Mattresses for kids come in two types; springs and foams. Memory foam and innerspring pocket coil are very popular and are designed to give the right amount of support for a growing body. Natural latex foam is also a great choice as it has hypoallergenic qualities.

  • Comfort

Comfort is also an important consideration when selecting a mattress. Kids spend a lot of time in their beds, up to 10 hours a day for a growing child. Speak to one of the consultants at The Mattress Warehouse is you need any advice on choosing the right mattress for your child.

  • Bed Size

The size of the bed – this will largely depend on the age of the child, for a teenager or a young adult you may want to consider a three quarter or even a double bed. For tall children, you may want to consider the extra length options that are available at The Mattress Warehouse.

Children’s Furniture Treasure Chest

The Mattress Warehouse is also a seller of double beds, king-sized beds and queen-sized beds. We stock world-famous brands, giving you the best selection of beds. On sale now! If you can’t find that perfect kiddies bed – then let us find it for you.

The Mattress Warehouse is the place to start. SA’s children’s furniture treasure chest.

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