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Three Quarter Extra Length Beds

Whether you are looking to furnish a spare bedroom or looking for a bigger bed for your growing child, the three quarter will give you the space that you need. The perfect size when you want a bed that is a bit bigger than your single options but not as space consuming as a double, you will find that there is plenty to be enjoyed when you have a three-quarter bed. Going for this size when looking for more sleep space can be the more affordable route and once your child outgrows their three quarter, you can always relegate the bed to your spare room. 3/4 beds for sale now!
Three Quarter Xl

Three Quarter (3/4) XL for a better sleeping experience

As these beds are not going to take up as much space as your double bed alternative, you can still easily fit this bed into most bedrooms without worrying about losing out on space. These beds are just as versatile as a single bed and they are available in different styles while also designed to support different body shapes. You can find three-quarter mattresses manufactured by some of the world’s best bed brands.

You don’t have to settle for a standard size either. With the option of buying a three quarter XL bed, your bed will have that extra bit of length.

In South Africa, you can find all of the very best bed brands. You will never have to skimp on quality when you are looking for a three quarter XL bed. The Mattress Warehouse stocks one of the biggest selections of beds for sale in South Africa and we also stock a variety of XL sized beds. With that extra bit of length, a growing teenager will have enough space to stretch out and enjoy a more comfortable sleeping experience.

If you are the owner of an accommodation facility, having three-quarter beds with that extra bit of length means that you can easily accommodate all of your guests. It’s best to be on the safe side when buying beds for lodges or hotels. Three quarter XL beds are in many ways the ideal bed to buy as that extra bit of length can really make all the difference in the kind of sleep your guests have.

XL beds don’t add drastic length, but just enough to support longer legs!

Tips for buying a three quarter XL bed

  1. Make sure that you have the right amount of space for the longer bed.
  2. Take your time browsing the different bed brands available and be sure that the bed you buy has all of the features you need.
  3. Choose a bed that is made by a trusted manufacturer and which will give your back the right amount of support.

The selection of three quarter (3/4) XL beds available from The Mattress Warehouse is some of the best brands that you could ask for. Some of our trusted bed brands include:

  • Genessi
  • Rest Assured
  • Restonic
  • Serta Beds
  • Cloud Nine Beds
Make your shopping experience easier with The Mattress Warehouse and our easy shopping options. We’ll have you sleeping soundly tonight!

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