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About The Mattress Warehouse

First off, let’s get excited about mattresses. Because, more often than not we tend to note the functionality, forgetting the underlying and underappreciated features that can make or break the perfect mattress rating. One thing we can guarantee you is a wide variety of mattresses that inspire trust and exude quality from the base to the threading. The beds for sale that we promote are genuine and dependable with fantastic features that serve different individuals with different details that promote their overall health, sometimes target specific problematic areas and encourage deep sleep. We are a bed shop that believes in good sleep for everyone. Why not take a look today at our bed specials to find your budget perfect option? Elsewise, here at the mattress warehouse we are proud to provide a range of beds for Africa that cover a range of budgets so that no man gets left behind. However expensive quality may be, it will never be as expensive as regret – which is the only thing you are left with in the long run with a quick-fix mattress. A mattress is an investment and we’re your best bet broker mattress factory. We as a mattress warehouse are equipped, trained and excited to serve you to the best of our abilities.

Beds for Sale – Nationwide!

The mattress warehouse delivers to a range of destinations for your utmost convenience as a customer. As a mattress factory we deliver to Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Centurion, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, Nelspruit and Polokwane. But most importantly, you can find us online, anytime, any day! Please feel free to contact us whether in store, through email or on the telephone. The mattress warehouse is here to serve you so that together, we can build a lasting legacy of beds that not only satisfy but impress and inspire. Our beds for sale are quality, dependable and offer unique support and comfort. As such, we aim to accompany them in their excellence with active and helpful personnel guiding you along your mattress buying journey. We aim to please.

When to buy a new bed:

Remember that when you invest in a bed, it’s not just the mattress but also the base that makes a difference. A few things to take into consideration when buying a new bed are the brand – which affects quality, and the reputation the bed has made so far. Be sure to read reviews online regarding any mattress you are considering for a quick overview of common complaints or compliments commonly associated with the bed.

  • When you wake up with aches and pain in your neck, back or any other areas. Most old beds were designed without the forward technology that we have today battling problematic pressure points. A new mattress from the mattress warehouse will likely solve many of these issues.
  • When you are restless at night. Tossing and turning are not necessarily simply problems that cannot be fixed. If you, or your partner toss and turn often which affects either one of yours’ sleep it may be a good time to come visit this bed shop. Many new beds from our amazing brands have carefully designed anti-movement transfer features for less partner disturbance and features that incorporate memory foam or a focus on pressure points will be better equipped to serve you with excellence so that the bed you sleep on actually helps you sleep rather than being complicit in keeping you up.
  • When there are uneven spots, lumps or intrusive surfaces on your mattress – these could be indicative of dislodged springs or sagging foam which is not good for anyone. Furthermore, stains might be a sign of a build-up of bacteria which likely won’t be easily removed by simply cleaning it. These are good signs to find some beds for sale.
  • When you need more space. Sometimes we simply progress in life whether with our partner, kids, or growing a few more inches taller… the journey of life constantly has new tricks in store for us so having a bed that you feel comfortable in whether it need be wider or longer is a valid reason to buy a new bed. Remember, good sleep is hard to find – don’t complicate it by sticking to a bed that holds you back or crams you in.

Speciality Beds that drive the prestige of mattresses worldwide:

With the vast range of brands that we provide we have naturally also paid special attention to providing unique and magnificent beds that provide you with awed and revered features that go above and beyond the call of duty. Our bed shop at the mattress warehouse is excited to present you with our speciality beds such as our range of Kooi beds – they target the needs of hyper-active persons dedicated to sports, Genie beds – with a fully foldable base for the ultimate storage, the Sealy Posturematic beds – with two separate mattresses, each adjustable even up to sitting position on a bed, and so much more awaiting your glance and approval.

What to do if your back is troubling you:

If you are experiencing discomfort or even pain in your lower back the mattress you are using could be part of the problem. For this reason, the mattress warehouse proudly offers a range of orthopaedic beds for your health and wellness. These include the Sertapedic Range by Serta and Sealy’s Posturepedic Range. Otherwise, a healthy option would be to consult an experienced doctor that may well have a mattress or brand to recommend in mind. Take care of yourself by making sure your bed is serving you well.

The Brands we Boast:

Here at the Mattress Warehouse we only provide beds for Africa that we can be proud of. The brands that we back are quality ensured and deserve respect and honour. Therefore, our careful selection of brands provide beds that we are sure you will love. Without further ado, here are the brands of the Mattress Warehouse:

Restonic – The Restonic brand was founded seventy-five years ago in the USA and has been bringing quality ever since into the bed industry. Restonic is well respected and known, and was awarded women’s choice award. It also patented the Marvellous Middle sleep technology providing unique and unrivalled support in a unique method, paving a new path for beds of Africa.

Strandmattress – A fantastic budget option that considers your pocket as well as your sleeping experience. Strandmattresses are welcomed by the mattress warehouse for their quality and reasonability. Based in Cape Town since 1968, its durability and reliability compared with its competitors in its price range is outstanding.

Slumberland – with manufacturing roots in the most technologically advanced bedding factory in the Southern Hemisphere, Slumberland has been respected and enjoyed by most South Africans since 1967. Durability, quality and comfort have brought this brand to countries around the world including South Africa.

Simmons – Based in America, Atlanta since a shocking 1870 this brand is well versed in the mattress industry and is known for its BeautyRest range.

Serta – More than capable, the Serta Brand has continued to stun the mattress industry for seventy-five years with the first “tuft less” mattress, patenting its original “advanced comfort quilt” and much more including a women’s choice award to showcase its quality and prestige.

Sealy – These mattresses are reliable, innovative and interesting with many new ranges that inspire and excite that are regularly brought forth by Sealy such as the Posturepedic Range and Crown Jewel Range.

Rest Assured – in Cape Town since 1979 Rest Assured is respected and awed backed by a history of quality, durability and trustworthiness. What’s great about Rest Assured is that the prices are reasonable making for confident purchases without compromising on quality.

Kooi – Jannie Breedt, the former Captain of the Springboks Rugby team worked hard to design this excellent brand that serves experienced athletes, catering to their unique requirements and needs for the ultimate sleep assistance and experience.

Genessi – with a focus on health, hygiene, support, comfort and alignment the Genessi brand is dedicated to improving your sleep with timeless quality, endless support and uplifting comfort.

Genie – the bed in a box brand, Genie mattresses are perfectly designed to comply with quick and easy storage to save space, time and energy so that you can control your home the way you want to.

Fabbro – sixty years of expertise brings you excellence, at a price that you can agree is excellent too. Quality and trustworthiness are guaranteed with the prestige of the wide and varied range of Fabbro beds.

Edblo – High quality mattresses that are backed by extensive research and ninety years of experience leave you with an Edblo brand that impresses and pleases.

Cloud Nine – prestigious and elegant, the Cloud Nine brand may well be South Africa’s favourite as it has served with excellence, innovation, and quality since 1968, steadily and consistently winning over the hearts and approval of those who support it.

What else we offer:

In addition to beds, we here at the Mattress Warehouse also market bed accessories and other furniture to brighten up your room and enhance the atmosphere of your living space. Part of our bed accessories include bed linen, such as duvet covers, fitted sheets and flat sheets. Our products are guaranteed to be of good quality and we have different thread counts for you to choose from.

Another interesting product is our sleep trackers, which help you to regulate, monitor and learn how to improve your sleeping experience in a unique way. Other bed accessories for this more than just a mattress factory, include perfect pillows and mattress protectors to help you best guard and savour your mattress. Beds from this bed shop are fantastic, but that’s not all that we hope to impress you with. We boast a variety of furniture apart from the beds for sale that we offer.


Baby Cots – we have not forgotten about the little ones and realize that to support you in your sleep routines we need to value theirs as well. Quality, sturdy and comfortable cots that provide the right kind of support are vital for babies to grow strong and healthy.

Bunk Beds – one of the best ways to save space, bunk beds are a great idea for siblings and kids who need to share a room. Maximizing space by investing in a bunk bed helps to control your space and provide your kids with more playing area in their room. We offer sturdy and reliable bunk beds that you can trust to take care of your kids.

Adjustable Beds – these unique and fascinating beds for Africa are ideal for couples sharing as each can operate separately: whether reading, sleeping or relaxing half way down an adjustable bed can minimize disturbance between partners granting each the freedom to take control of their side of the bed without upsetting the other.

Kids Beds / Bedroom Sets – a variety of fun, enticing and happy mattresses and bed combinations will get your kids excited about their bedrooms again and encourage healthy sleeping patterns vital for growing children.

Headboards – For improved comfort and ease a headboard is preferable. Enjoy the protection and warmth it provides for those of you who often find themselves sitting upright in bed or leaning against the wall. A headboard adds to your support and comfort.

Leather Touch Beds – stylish and impressive, leather touch beds leave a cool and refreshing feel as well as evoking an elite aura for your own enjoyment as well as to impress others.

Sleeper Couches – ideal for saving space when alternating a living room as a guest room as well. Our sleeper couches aim to please in comfort and support whilst also proving effective as sofas when needed to relax on and enjoy.

Steel Beds – strong, firm and no nonsense. If a steel bed is what you need, the mattress warehouse is here to provide one.

Wooden Beds – for a richly comforting and encouragingly warm atmosphere, wooden beds are reliable and impressive bringing back a nostalgic look that helps all feel at home and valued.

Bedside Pedestals – lastly, bedside pedestals are uniquely handy whether with two drawers or none, bottom storage space or simply a surface counter. Enjoy the convenience of a pedestal.

So, feel free to browse our unique, varied and extensive collection of marvellous beds at this bed shop. Check our bed specials regularly to find your ultimate mattress at the ultimate price and enjoy our beds for Africa by browsing online or experiencing them in store. The mattress warehouse only has beds for sale that it believes in. Here at the mattress warehouse we are more than just a mattress factory, we are your guide to the world of innovative designs, quality brands and ever-improving mattresses.

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