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Serta Beds

Serta beds are the ultimate choice in comfort and support, and the bed most people in the hospitality industry purchase when luxury is a priority. Each model in the Serta range of beds is designed to deal with and support the entire body with unique features that enhance the alignment of your spine and the even distribution of weight across the mattress. When you purchase a Serta bed from The Mattress Warehouse you benefit from years of advanced design and sleep science where the manufacturer has created Serta models perfectly designed for your individual needs.
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The Mattress Warehouse stocks the award-winning range of Serta beds and mattresses

The Mattress Warehouse has had a long association with the company and its suppliers of fabric, foam and fibre which is why we can confidently offer a 25-year service warranty on each model in the Serta range for sale at The Mattress Warehouse.

Serta beds are not only designed for luxury and comfort, they’re designed to last a long time. We see the cost of a quality bed as an investment in good health and wellness for you and your whole family. When you do a price comparison on other makes and models of beds, there is so much more to a Serta bed than what you might expect.

You are guaranteed a good night’s sleep as a Serta bed is designed to reduce movement and distribute the weight of a body evenly over the mattress. Its trademark review feature is a Serta bed is the World’s Best Mattress with a promise of quality, comfort and durability.

A luxury range of Serta beds and mattresses at The Mattress Warehouse

With 75 years of experience within the industry, a Serta bed offer customers the best comfort and support they need for a good night’s sleep. This is vital for your health and well-being. Each model is designed to support the weight and shape of a body so you wake up feeling wonderfully rested.

Chat to us online or talk to a bed consultant at one of our stores for more information on the design and sleep science of models in the Serta range of beds. These include the Perfect Touch Box Top Bed, Perfect Touch Comfort Bed, Perfect Touch Firm Bed, Perfect Touch Plush Bed and Perfect Touch Pocket Technology Bed. Serta is also known for its Sertapedic range of beds which offer orthopaedic support and are endorsed world-wide by orthopaedic associations.

Innovative spring system

Serta beds have received rave reviews in the hospitality industry where a strong, durable model is essential for high-bed night turnover. This all comes down to the innovative spring system that has been incorporated into the design of each model in the Serta range.

Certain models are fitted with the Bonnell coil system which is a continuous spring system or what they call an offset spring system. With this advanced technology, bounce and movement are restricted as the spring sets move seamlessly with your body movement, providing added support and comfort if your sleeping partner is restless. Each spring coil is individually wrapped to protect the quality fabric and foam so the days of random springs poking into your back are over when you buy a Serta bed.

*Prices are subject to change without notice

Memory foam technology

A key feature of a quality bed like a model in the Serta range is the use of memory foam. This innovative technology means that a mattress moulds itself perfectly to the shape of your body, spreads the weight evenly across the mattress and decreases compression on pressure points on the body that touches a mattress. This means less bounce and movement and a good night’s sleep even if you or your partner.

Memory foam was developed by NASA for use in its space ships and has since been adopted by bed manufactures who design beds according to the complex science of sleep. When you buy a Serta bed, you have the choice of a latex foam mattress and a memory foam mattress. The benefit of latex foam is it is highly resilient and allows air to pass through the foam making it more breathable and perfect if allergies are a nuisance in your family. Bed mites are a common problem and the main cause of allergies in children. Vigorous cleaning often makes it worse so invest in a bed that solves that pesky problem.

The Mattress Warehouse believes that the price of a new bed is an investment in your health and well-being. A cheap bed may be right for your budget right now but not for your health in the long term. A feature of each model in the Serta range of beds is it is treated with an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial solution. The quality fabric used by the manufactures is made using knitted ticking which also adds to the comfort and durability of a Serta bed.

Chat to us online or talk to a bed consultant at one of our stores for more information on the unique features of each model in the Serta range of beds

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