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Bunk Beds

Bunk beds, or bunker beds, are the ultimate space saver for people with limited space or who need to optimise the space available. Whether it's bunk beds for kids or a spare room they provide a stylish, affordable alternative for your sleeping arrangements. The bunk beds featured are designed for use in Africa and are robust and affordable.
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Bunk Beds
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Types of Bunk Beds for sale

  • Standard or twin bunks

The most common type of bunk bed, the one that you are probably thinking about, is the standard bunk bed or twin bunks. With this bed, mattresses will be stacked one above the other. These very simple and practical beds are available in solid wood or steel. The bed with trundle option is a popular feature for a kids bedroom. The standard arrangement is often referred to as a twin over twin.

A variation on the twin over twin is the twin over full bunk which has a bigger mattress at the bottom and a smaller mattress at the top. These beds are not as commonly available, and they are not going to fit into just any space, meaning a bigger bedroom will be needed for this bed.

If you are looking for this style of bed, The Mattress Warehouse has the Tri-Bed. Made from beautiful solid wood, it is going to be a stunning addition to any bedroom. The bed includes a longer ladder than the common bunk bed, and it is best to ask if it can be separated later on.

  • L-shaped Bunk Beds

The L-shaped bed is an interesting twist on the bunk bed. Instead of the conventional design, which stacks the beds one on top of the other so that the beds are facing the same way, the L-shaped design has the beds at different angles. The bottom bed is designed to sit in an L shape to the top bed.

This makes room for a bigger bottom bed and can break with the conventional if you want something different.. The L-shaped design is certainly going to add an interesting look to the bedroom. It also allows for a space to be created beneath the bed in which a desk or small bookshelf can be placed. This is ideal for a shared kids room.

  • Loft Bunk Bed

Finally, there is a loft bed, designed with the top bed higher than the usual bunk bed. This bed does not necessarily have to accommodate two sleepers. But space which is created below the top bed can be ideally used to place a bookshelf, chest of drawers or a desk. A loft bed is ideal when you want to create more space. While another bed can be placed below, that space is usually reserved for other furniture.

This bed is for those who want the illusion of a bunk bed but only need sleeping space for one. A popular option the trundle bed can have storage space while still allowing for a workstation below.

A ladder and safety rails are standard with all bunk beds.

What Materials are Used in the Manufacture of Bunk Beds?

We offer wood and steel bunk beds. Most are made from either metal or wood so it is fairly common to find a twin over twin made from either solid wood or metal. The bunk bed frame needs to be robust and twin over twin wood or twin over twin metal are popular options. Popular wood types would include pine wood and solid hardwood with pinewood being a more affordable and lighter option compared to solid hardwood.

What are the Advantages of Bunk Beds?

  • Space-saving especially in cases where kids need to share a room, creating more floor space for the kids. A loft bed is another variation, allowing for space and storage below. Bunk beds with storage are popular with buyers who have limited space.
  • Bunk beds are usually more affordable than two single beds as you save on headboards and bedside tables. Cheap bunk beds manufactured from SA pinewood are excellent value for money for buyers on a budget. Beds with a metallic frame can be more expensive but provide for excellent long term durability.
  • Kids love them and a kids bunk bed is always a popular addition to any kids bedroom. They are great for sleepovers.

Bunk Beds are suited to the following:

  • Kids bedroom where space is often limited.
  • Spare rooms to take advantage of bedroom sets with storage options.
  • Guesthouses, Airbnbs and backpackers – to increase the accommodation in rooms.
  • Caregivers who need to be in the same room as the patient typically would make use of a twin over full bunk bed.

Our Buying Guide – Tips when buying a bunk bed:

  • When buying bedroom furniture, the buyer should always have a budget and style in mind.
  • Safety concerns – make sure the bunk bed has a ladder and safety rails.
  • Bed size needs to be appropriate for your intended use – is it for a kids bedroom or will adults be using it as well? A bed for adults will require a more robust bunk bed frame. Popular options will include a solid wood frame or metallic frame.

Bunk Beds for Sale at Mattress Warehouse

The Mattress Warehouse stocks a variety of standard and double bunk beds ranging from your standard kids’ bunk bed to more expensive bunk beds with storage. Other popular options available at The MattressWarehouse include twin over twin metal, hardwood twin and a bunk bed with trundle. You can shop online or visit one of our stores nationwide – branches in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Midrand, Cape Town, Polokwane, Nelspruit, Durban and more.