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Each month, The Mattress Warehouse has a wide selection of beds on special. Here you will find all of those bed brands that have become widely famous for their quality and for their durability. When you are looking to replace your bed with one of those from The Mattress Warehouse, your starting point should be at this helpful section of our website.

We stock the world’s favorite bed brands giving everyone the opportunity to own the bed that they really need, rather than having to settle for a bed. When browsing through the selection of beds that are on sale, you will find a variety of brands such as Fabbro, Rest Assured, Cloud Nine, Genessi and Sealy Beds.

Each month, The Mattress Warehouse places a new selection of beds that have been put on special on the website for you to choose. These beds are marked down, making them more affordable for those who are looking to invest in the right bed for their sleep needs.

A breakdown of the popular beds on special

Genessi beds for sale are always a great option to go with. Their beds are manufactured using the very best quality materials, which ensures that you will always get a comfortable but durable bed. Genessi beds are made using different layers of foam from Vitafoam, while at the upper end of the Genessi brand there are those beds manufactured using memory foam. You can’t go wrong with one of their beds, so keep an eye on this page to get a Genessi bed at a discount price.

Around for almost 100 years, Edblo beds are a South African bed brand that has been manufacturing high-quality beds using some of those techniques that are best known in the bed manufacturing industry. The Edblo beds for sale from The Mattress Warehouse are great for use in both homes and accommodation facilities.

Sealy has built up a reliable reputation for being the bed manufacturer that specializes in making mattresses that are designed to support your back. More people are choosing a Sealy bed than ever before and this is thanks to Sealy’s use of cutting-edge designs and sleep technology. There is a reason that the Sealy Posturepedic bed is a household name.

The Rest Assured bed is another South African bed brand. Made in SA, these beds are manufactured using the kinds of materials that will provide your body with support throughout the night. A quality bed is a guarantee when you are buying a Rest Assured bed, and with this bed, you are making a long-lasting investment.

Serta beds are the range that is really for the whole family. Everyone can benefit from having a Serta bed and with their extensive range, there are quite a few beds that you can have a look at. Serta beds are manufactured out of a choice of foams and spring systems that are ideal in terms of comfort. When you want to improve your sleep health, you can start by making sure that you are sleeping on a Serta bed.

These beds, from the famous Cloud Nine bed brand, is one that is designed to guarantee you the support that your body really needs. The materials used to manufacture the beds as well as the bed bases are all chosen with your comfort and spinal health in mind.

  • Fabbro Beds

Fabbro beds for sale are the epitome of luxury and they are designed according to international standards. It is an example of pure quality, and you can find these beds on special at The Mattress Warehouse.

Other popular brands that we have include Majestic Beds, Strandmattress Beds, Universe Bedding, and Green Coil Beds. Get in touch with us today, or shop conveniently online, to benefit from our beds on special.


Best Bed Deals on Sale Now

10 Best Bed DEALSSizeWasNowSave
Cloud Nine CologneKing BedR19 199R12799R6400
Rest Assured DublinQueen BedR11 999R7999R4000
Rest Assured AscotQueen BedR10 999R7299R3700
Serta DonningtonQueen BedR11 299R7999R3300
Rest Assured FirmopaedicDouble BedR5 999R3999R2000
Rest WellDouble BedR4 999R2799R2200
Fabbro MilanQueen BedR6 199R5599R600
Simmons World Class LuxuryQueen BedR20 299R13699R6600
Simmons Beautyrest Pocket PillowStandard PillowR599R539R60
Excelsior Memory Foam Music PillowStandard PillowR599R499R100

Standard Bed and Mattress Sizes in South Africa

Single SizeThree QuarterDouble SizeQueen SizeKing Size
91cm X 188cm107cm X 188cm137cmX 188cm152cm X 188cm183cm X 188cm


Extra Length Bed and Mattress Sizes in South Africa

XL Single SizeXL Three QuarterXL Double SizeXL Queen SizeXL King Size
91cm X 200cm107cm X 200cm137cmX 200cm152cm X 200cm183cm X 200cm