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What type of sleeper couch should I buy? A buyer’s guide

Sleeper couches are one of the main interior trends right now. Incredibly versatile and useful, these furniture pieces are quickly becoming a staple item in most houses. Having a furniture piece that can easily transform from a couch to a bed hosts many benefits. So, whether you’re just starting out or looking for an upgrade, […]

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How to use Colour Psychology in your Home: An Expert’s Guide

When it comes to selecting colour schemes for our lounge, kitchen or bedroom many of us will simply choose the colours we like, but particular colours can have a huge impact (for better or for worse) on our well-being, mood and subconscious.  We’ve teamed up with colour expert Gareth Henderson of gih studio, to uncover […]

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Tidy Up Like a Pro: Clever Bedroom Storage Ideas

Bedroom storage

Finding storage in an already small space can be challenging to say the least. In ever-growing cities, the available living space we have left is becoming very limited, very fast. Therefore, more and more people are adopting the lifestyle of living in a smaller space. Living in a small space has many benefits. However, living […]

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Green Fingers Special: Indoor Plants for Your Bedroom

Various indoor plants drawing

If you’re thinking of jumping on the houseplant bandwagon, The Mattress Warehouse has your back! Not only do we have one of the widest selection of beds and mattresses in South Africa, but we also offer online shopping. Explore our site and buy items, like linen or bedding, online. Spring into action! We’ve compiled a […]

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How to create a classic bedroom: 7 tips & ideas

Creating a classic bedroom can be a tricky task to take on. Where does one start to create the beautiful, timeless look of this style? Well, at the Mattress Warehouse, we’ve got you covered. With the right mix of appropriate colours, bedroom furniture and decorations, you’ll have your own classic bedroom in no time! Firstly, […]

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If you love the Simmons bed brand, you’ll love Forgeron too!

Simmons Beds vs Forgeron Beds

The Mattress Warehouse is committed to providing quality sleep for all our customers. We achieve this by offering a wide range of top-quality bed and mattress products for sale from some of the best manufacturers in the world. Simmons beds, always synonymous with comfort, have always been a firm favourite with our shoppers who value […]

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