Im Inlove with a Simmons Cresendo Bed!!

Hello Bed Lovers

If you love your comfort and appreciate good quality, then a Simmons Cresendo bed is for you. It is excellent quality, the finest fabric is used. It is soft durable material, it feels like your sleeping on feathers. I had the opportunity to test drive one today and i must say it was hard for me to get up. If my colleagues had not called my name out loudly I probably would have spent the whole day on that bed.

Simmons is our Top of the Range Brand it has double the support, and comes in an original pocketed coil system for the base. The mattress is plush junior pocketed coils. It comes as a single, three quarter, double queen and a king size bed. It is also available in extra length. This bed defines the name luxury, why go to a hotel when you can create your own one in your own bedroom. No more sleepless night and tossing and turning. This bed takes the shape of your body as you sleep. There is minimal partner disturbances. It supports your head, shoulders, and hips. Your back is so well supported through the night that you will not want to wake up in the morning. It can take up the weight of us to 145kg. This bed has a 12year warranty and a 3 year guarantee.

Made from original coils, natural pads, offers beauty foam and made from the finest Oxyplus fabric. This bed is a must have. I also suggest you invest in an alarm clock because I doubt you will want to get out of bed.

Buy your bed today at The Mattress Warehouse, corner Le Roux and Richards Drive, 14 Midline Business Park. Midrand. Or buy online on our website or call us today 011 312 8613. We deliver Nationwide!!