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King Fitted Sheets

Our beds come in many different styles and sizes to suit your unique sleeping needs and your bedroom layout. If you need some help deciding what bed size is perfect for you, take a look at our bed size guide.

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Fitted Sheets
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Find King Size Fitted Sheets for Sale Online

King fitted sheets are made to fit mattresses that are 183 cm wide and 188 cm long. You can buy king fitted sheets at The Mattress Warehouse – we offer quality products at affordable prices.

With a king fitted sheet, you can sleep comfortably on one of the biggest beds available. Covering your mattress with a fitted sheet is advised because it can be washed easily. This means that your mattress is protected from dust and stains.

The following products are included in our catalogue of king fitted sheets:

  • Basel 500 Thread Count Cotton Fitted Sheet
  • Cotton 250 Thread Count Fitted Sheet
  • Poly Cotton 250 Thread Count Fitted Sheet

Qualities of a good fitted sheet

It has a high thread count

Our products have thread counts of more than 200 so you can be certain that you are purchasing a luxurious fitted sheet. The higher the thread count, the more threads there are in every square inch of the fitted sheet. This ensures a soft sheet. Anything between 200 and 500 should do the trick. Sheets with a thread count of 1000 might be heavy and uncomfortable.

It fits properly

It seems pretty obvious, but it is important to buy fitted sheets in the correct size. The sheet must fit tightly around the mattress. Fitted sheets stay in place and don’t need much adjustment when making the bed. Therefore, know the dimensions of your mattress and be sure to look at the description of the sheet you want to buy.

It is made of superb fabric

At The Mattress Warehouse, we sell king fitted sheets that have been made of cotton. During summer, you will appreciate the ventilation that it offers to keep you cool. When winter comes, you’ll be snug between sheets that help to circulate warm air. Cotton is stain resistant and poly cotton especially doesn’t wrinkle as easily.

How to fold a fitted sheet

If you know how, folding a king fitted sheet is not as complicated as it might seem.

  1. First, you need to turn the corners inside out with the elasticated edges toward you.
  2. Then you flip the right top corner over the left top corner and the right bottom corner over the left bottom corner.
  3. Now you should have two corners folded. Fold the right corner across the left corner in the same way you did earlier.
  4. Place the fitted sheet on a flat surface and fold the longest sides onward across each other. Then fold the shorter edges in, across each other.

This method will prevent the sheet from wrinkling while not in use.

Buy a luxurious king fitted sheet from The Mattress Warehouse

Our online sales consultant is ready to answer any questions about fitted sheets and other products.  Shopping is made easy with our online sales services. Visit any of our stores throughout South Africa or purchase your king fitted sheet online, today.