About Us

The Mattress Warehouse is one of South Africa’s leading bed manufacturers and suppliers of beds directly to the public. Our team keeps the company moving forward by holding our goals before our eyes at all times. Our main goal is simple – we want to help every South African find the perfect bed for their budget and sleeping style. Secondly, we want to make the process of finding this bed a truly seamless and enjoyable experience.

We know what an important part a good night’s rest plays in one’s overall wellbeing, and we know that beds are not “one size fits all”. We challenge the status quo of the bed industry by really helping customers choose the right bed for them as individuals (Or as couples – some mattresses handle differing sleep styles between partners better than others). We do this by giving customers reliable information about bed types and by asking them the right questions to truly empower them to make a good choice.

We believe that everybody deserves the right to a good quality bed at the best price possible, therefore we are open to negotiations. We also encourage customers to compare the prices of our beds to our competitors – that is how committed we are to keep our prices low.

In the end, what we do shows who we are.

To help customers find the best bed for them we offer a 100-day comfort trial. This allows them to test the bed rigorously. If the bed is not perfect for them they can then exchange the bed for another of equal value.

We offer free deliveries in all the main city hubs just to make your buying experience more enjoyable. We love taking the responsibility of moving the mattress so that you do not have to.

We enjoy what we do, and we diligently work to serve you. Giving you the best mattress for your sleep style and budget is what we work towards – a mattress that will improve the quality of your life by improving the quality of your sleep – and we believe you will find that we all do this with smiles on our faces.