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Duvet Covers

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Buy your duvet covers online in South Africa

You can purchase everything you need for your bed when shopping online at The Mattress Warehouse, including covers for your duvet. Your duvet covers are not only a huge style element to bring into your bedroom, but they are also exceptionally important for keeping your gorgeous, soft duvet, clean and undamaged. We stock a selection of beautiful duvet covers that will bring comfort as well as elegance into your bedroom.

Think of a duvet cover as a very large pillowcase, but for your duvet.

A duvet set, which can include a cover as well as pillow slips, is a great option for saving time and money while shopping for your bedroom accessories. We sell white duvet covers and white pillow covers separately, but as both can be ordered online from our shop, they are as good as buying a matching set.

Duvet covers can be light or heavy, accommodating both the summer and the winter months, and unlike their counterpart, the comforter, they are far easier to clean. In fact, depending on the duvet that you have bought, you might not be able to wash it as you would any other piece of bedding, so having a duvet cover becomes all the more important.

What is the difference between a comforter and a duvet?

While shopping around, you will find duvets for sale as well as comforters for sale. Choosing between the two will become easier when you have the right information. The difference between a comforter and a duvet is that they are often made from two different types of materials, and while the duvet has a cover that can be removed and washed, a comforter has the cover sewn onto it. For this reason, the entire comforter will need to be washed.

Many comforters are filled with synthetic materials while the duvet has more traditional materials within, such as feather downing. And a comforter might also be the bigger than the bed while the duvet is made to fit the bed size almost exactly.

For most, the duvet cover is the preferred option

The biggest benefit of having a duvet cover is that it is going to protect the expensive duvet within. No one wants to handle the task of washing a luxury duvet and no one wants their beautiful bedroom accessory to become damaged or stained. A duvet cover also means that your bedroom can be given a new look as often as you change the cover. For this reason, having more than one duvet cover is a good idea. You can change the entire look of your bedroom without having to redecorate it.

Duvet cover sizes currently available

We stock duvet covers for the following size beds:

  • Single bed duvet covers
  • Three quarter bed duvet covers
  • Double bed  duvet covers
  • Queen size bed duvet covers
  • King size bed duvet covers

Select from our range of high thread count covers, and experience real luxury. We only stock the best covers, made from the finest materials. Order your cover online today and enjoy our affordable, high quality duvet covers for sale in South Africa.