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Purchase Luxurious Three Quarter Fitted Sheets

If you want to protect your mattress and sleep comfortably, think of buying a fitted sheet that will cover it properly. A three quarter fitted sheet will cover a mattress with the follow dimensions: 107cm in width and 188cm in length. When you want to buy a new fitted sheet, first measure your mattress to avoid buying the wrong size sheet.

It is recommended that you wash your sheets at least once a week to keep it fresh and increase the durability. This ensures that your bed is welcoming and clean, as no small particles get stuck in one place. Skin irritations can be avoided in this way too.

There are a number of three quarter fitted sheets for sale at The Mattress Warehouse in South Africa. This collection of fitted sheets includes the following products:

  • Basel 500 Thread Count Cotton Fitted Sheet
  • Cotton 250 Thread Count Fitted Sheet
  • Poly Cotton 250 Thread Count Fitted Sheet

These fitted sheets will fit the three quarter mattresses available for purchase from our store. Serta, Cloud Nine, Sealy and Genessi Beds are just some of the big brand name mattresses we supply throughout the country. The list goes on – there are 81 mattresses to choose from in our three quarter mattresses catalogue.

Fitted sheets vs. Flat sheets

Fitted sheets are often preferred by people who simply want to protect their mattresses and those who have duvets with covers. Flat sheets on the other hand, are more popular among people who have quilts and comforters, rather than duvets with covers on. Cotton sheets allow air to flow through the layers easily, thus keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. The cotton sheet on offer at The Mattress Warehouse, have a thread count of either 250 or 500. This means that there are at least 250 threads woven horizontally and vertically in every inch of a fitted sheet, to provide you with a superb quality product.  Our luxurious fitted sheets are soft, durable and affordable.

Stain removing tip

You don’t have to throw a sheet away or put it in the back of the cupboard when it gets stained. All you need to remove the stain, is a bit of patience, some vinegar and water. Mix vinegar and water in a 2:1 ratio. Soak your stained fitted sheet in the solution for about three hours. When the stain seems to have disappeared, wash the sheet and let it dry.

Shop online at The Mattress Warehouse

Our customers can make use of online services to make shopping all the more convenient. Three quarter fitted sheets can be ordered in the blink of an eye with this online platform of The Mattress Warehouse. To ensure customer satisfaction, an online consultant is ready to answer any questions about the products on offer, including three quarter fitted sheets. Get quality rest with comfortable linen accessories for your bed from the Mattress Warehouse.